Guest Post: I Wear Your Shirt’s Jason Sadler

A while back, I was an invited guest at a social media event (moi? I know!) and, not for the first time, found myself surrounded by people much smarter, more successful and clever than I.

In fact, I probably blew my VIP status when I eagerly raised my hand at the luncheon’s keynote event to ask Jason Sadler, king of social media, inventor of awesomeness and poster boy for all things viral, one crucial question:

“Are you single?”

Sure, I’m married…but Jason’s cute, funny and freaking SMAHT (that’s how we say it in Boston), so I figured I was doing a solid to the single girls in the crowd. (Turns out, I was. They all thanked me after the event).

Despite that introduction, Jason and I have become Internet buddies, and when he agreed to write a guest post on rocking it in social media, how he stays healthy and fit despite a c-r-a-z-y schedule, and his experience with various diet and fitness plans, I raised my hand and said:

“How fast can you get it to me?”

Enjoy, then be sure to go say holla to Jason at his many, many online spots. Tell him I sent you!

Diets, Traveling, Social Media, T-Shirts and More!

Hello all you Katy Widrick fans, this guest blog post is coming to you from a guy who gets paid to wear t-shirts for a living… No joke!

A quick blurb about me: My name is Jason Sadler, I started and for the past 900ish straight days I’ve been getting paid to wear t-shirts, make YouTube videos, promote brands/companies/people via social media and I’m also a fitness junkie of sorts.

So why has Katy asked me to hop over here as a guest? Well, I’ve experimented quite a bit in my fitness/diet life as I have in my work/social media life. Let’s jump into a few topics that matter to me:

#1: Diets and Diet Advice

I’ve done 10+ structured diets in the past 10 years. Ranging from the 4-Hour Body diet, a diet formulated for a competition bodybuilder, a vegan diet, a paleo diet, a diet where I ate 10 meals per day and others. All of them warranted different results but the absolute #1 thing about dieting is consistency. I find that I can easily do a diet for 7-10 days without any cheating, but after that the real challenge begins. With any well executed diet (and some form of exercise) you’ll start to see results. As you start to see results you’re mind starts playing tricks on you and you start to crave sugars, carbs and feel like you can slack off. I have a few tips on how to overcome any diet struggles:

  • Cover all the mirrors in your house from your neck down. I’m not kidding. It may seem weird, but if you don’t obsess over your body 6 times a day and look for any small changes, you’re mind won’t play tricks on you. Ladies, you can still look great in your favorite outfit without seeing it in a mirror.
  • Realize that dieting is a lifestyle change and that your goal should not be to do something for 30 days and go back to your old ways. You want to feel better? Look better? It happens over time.
  • Slightly countering my last point, strive to execute a diet for 6-8 weeks. I firmly believe at the end of 6 weeks you see the majority of your results (you can remove your mirror coverings). From there, move to a more manageable diet, especially if you do a more drastic diet.
  • Do a diet that you’ll be able to stick with and not stray from. Dieting doesn’t have to mean eating the EXACT same thing for every meal because your body would actually learn from that and you’d plateau quickly. Cinnamon, pepper, Mrs Dash and olive oil can change any meal around.
  • Any form of “cheating” will release chemicals in your body that will continue to crave those bad things, making it harder to stay on track with your diet. Honey is a trigger for sugar cravings, so just avoid all sweet things if you can (maybe a cup of sugar free Jello here and there).
  • Stay away from anything white. Mayo, ranch dressing, ice cream, sour cream and I avoid dairy if possible.
  • Diet, in my mind, is 90% of the battle. You only tend to workout 1 hour out of a day, the other 23 hours are where the hard work is put in. Technically that’s 95% :)

#2: Traveling
As it pertains to dieting and fitness, traveling is the devil. Take it from someone who flew nearly 200,000 miles last year. I gained about 20 pounds and am currently working to remove it. Homemade protein bars, protein bars from and protein shakes are your friend when on the road. If you’re staying at hotels or eating in airports, try to keep your meals simple. Salads with chicken or steak and go light on the vinaigrette dressing. Avoid fried foods like the plague!

Trying to get exercise while getting strip-searched in airports, hauling bags through hotels and attending conferences is tough. My best advice here is to carve out 30-60 minutes each day. My friends Brock and Marta have a great “anywhere workout video” (link: that I use when I travel. Finding the gym at your hotel and actually using it works well too.

#3: Social Media Tips
There are gurus, ninjas, mavens and experts galore when it comes to social media. I’m not any of those. I’m a guy who has figured out a way to monetize social media, has figured out what it takes to build a highly engaged community and believes there are limitless possibilities with social media. Here are a few k-bombs (knowledge bombs) for you:

  • Don’t automate social media. Don’t link your Facebook and Twitter account, don’t sync your blog’s RSS feed to auto-post updates and use social media like you’d talk to real people. You don’t automate handshakes otherwise no one would ever shake your hand.
  • Less isn’t always more. How many times should you tweet per day? How many Facebook posts should you send out? How many YouTube videos should you do a week? How many blog posts should you write month? Listen to your audience, if they’re craving more, give them more. If they tell you that you tweet too much, maybe you should back off a bit?
  • Ask questions. Social media is about being social and asking engaging questions will help spark conversation. Be sure to join the discussion around those questions as it happens too.
  • Twitter tip: If you start a tweet with “@twittername is featured on….” it only goes to mutual followers of your account and that person’s account (read: not public to everyone). Start a tweet with “.@twittername is featured…” or “Check out @twittername….” so the whole world can see it. @ replies are called @ replies for a reason, it’s a direct reply.
  • Facebook tip: Post unique content people can’t get anywhere else if you want them to come to your Facebook page (especially for brands). Facebook users also love photos, post some and see what happens.
  • Focus more, do less. I have tons and tons of great ideas, but if I did them all they would all fail. Focus on something you’re passionate about and remember there is NO such thing as an overnight success.

I hope you’ve made it this far in the blog post and I didn’t bore you to death. If you want to learn more about me you can find me on Facebook (, Twitter ( or visit

Thanks for having me and here we come bikini season!

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