How to Make Money From Your Blog (Without Selling Out)

Remember when I traveled to Philadelphia for the 2011 Healthy Living Summit? I had the opportunity to give a presentation on monetizing your blog, and I got such good feedback that I decided to share the slides again as part of #Fitblog Presentations.

I’ve just posted the recording of last week’s webinar, and I thought I’d share it here. After watching, please let me know if you have any questions…

(embedded below or available here)

Can you make money through blogging and social media, and if so — how much? And how can you do it without alienating readers or losing credibility? Katy Widrick shows you how to use traditional sources like advertising, sponsorships and affiliate sales and augment them using social media and some other surprising sources of income to make a living out of what you already love to do.

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    Thanks for linking to that here! I’m not really looking to make money from blogging, but I always learn so much from your posts. I’m going to listen while working out this morning. Cheers!

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    As always, thank you for this valuable info! In terms of sponsored giveaways where the call to action may be to: like the business’ FB pg, follow on TW, visit website, etc…. what type of analytics do you recommend providing them with? From your blog you can provide page views and clicks, but is there any way to show convergence? Thank you!

    • says

      Cara —

      GREAT question! And a tricky one to answer. Once someone leaves your site, it becomes very difficult to track their path. If the company has analytics of its own installed, it can track traffic that comes specifically from your site (and even from which post!). However, Facebook and Twitter have their own proprietary analytics platforms, and they’re not easy to navigate. Facebook offers Insights, which are getting better. Twitter’s are still largely inaccessible.

      I do like using platforms like Wildfire apps for giveaways because they REALLY help you track what happens. It’s also one of the only legal ways to do a contest that involves Facebook — I’ve written a few posts on that before).


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