I am the World’s Most Annoying Sick Person

When I’m sick, which is rare (thank you, healthy living!), I am miserable. And misery loves company.

That’s why this Christmas, I dragged my entire family into my cold-induced shame spiral. First, I got sick. The shaky, sinus-clogged feverish sick that leads you to sit on the couch in your underwear but wrapped in two blankets (or if you’re lucky, a Snuggie that your boss got you).


With a cup of hot tea and a cup of ice water side by side.


That was bad enough. But then my 10-week-old got sick. Talk about misery.


I’ve talked before about laughter being the best medicine, a practice that we followed throughout childhood. But nobody in my house was laughing when Santa brought us the flu. So my dear husband rushed out to get a break from the sickhouse and tissue-covered floors find me some relief, crowd-sourced by my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Lucas Brewing Pumpkin Ale 4

Enter: the saline nasal pot (commonly known by a brand name but I used a generic version). Something I swore I’d never try. Something that seemed so bizarre — I mean, water going into one nostril, through the sinus passages and coming out the other? GROSS!

(Even Olivia Munn, adorable as she is, can’t make it less nasty looking.)

I was wrong. And this simple plastic pot made my flu-filled life a million times better.

Here’s the trick:

  • Keep your mouth open while you pour, even though it will seem completely unnatural
  • Give it a few seconds — it takes time for the liquid to work its way through
  • Have a big box of tissues nearby because this process cleans.you.out

You can ask my husband — the hour after I cleaned out my sinuses, I was back to my happy, normal self. It was the reprieve I needed from the horrible, no-good stuffiness that the cold and flu brought me.

(BTW, check out my 10 Survival Tips for baby’s first cold…my medicine chest is stocked now that she’s in daycare and has the constant sniffles!)

“This cold and flu season, make the care complete with Kleenex® brand, and together we’ll turn a seemingly small gesture into something bigger, to make everyone feel better.”

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Kleenex via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kleenex.

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