I Never Coulda Been a Contender


I am a Pisces, born in the middle of March, but I’ve never associated myself with all of the attributes that supposedly come along with the sign.

Except for one thing: I am all about the water.

I can’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t associate myself with swimming or some kind of water sport. I spent every summer of my life, from about age 12 on, at camp. I took sailing and windsurfing lessons, learned to water ski and did my first lake swims. I became a CIT and later a counselor, focusing on teaching kids how to swim, ski and surf.


I started competing in swim meets when I was in middle school and continued on a team through my freshman year in high school (when we moved to a new town, I attended a school that didn’t have a team). I joined the club swim team in college, started training for triathlon in 2007 and now spend every weekend that I can in our backyard pool.



I love swimming, and I worked hard. But I never quite had the talent or drive to become an elite athlete — and that’s why I find myself so awed by the young (and not-so!) men and women who have qualified and are still working to qualify for the London Olympics. I’m amazed by the time, effort, physical labor, sweat, tears, money and more they and their families pour into the sport (did you see all of the moms and dads cheering and crying in the stands this weekend?).

Paddleboard Orlando 01

I’m a fan of the Olympics and have found myself glued to the TV this weekend for the trials, especially in diving (and I’ll be watching swimming tonight). I’ve already marked my calendar to watch as much of the triathlon coverage as possible.

The athletes prove that when you have the talent and you back it up with commitment and belief, you can do amazing things. I’m so proud of our teams!

What event are you most excited about at this year’s Olympics?

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  1. says

    I can’t believe I missed the diving trials. My almost 15 yo daughter dives & runs track, so I’m sure we’ll be watching a ton of that. I always loved watching the gymnastics & swimming events, too.

  2. says

    I LOVE the summer Olympics! Just about every sport! I’ve been watching the track and field trials on TV and am simply amazed at how fast these athletes are! I also love watching gymnastics – and soccer! Can’t wait for them to start up! (Although we will miss the very end of the games while we are on our honeymoon!)

  3. Joy says

    It’s a shorter list to say what I’m not excited about I love the Olympics… I grew up with a mom with cp who had a hard time walking but MAN could she cheer! She would hoot and holler for them all – back then no dvr which meant as a child for two weeks every four years I was ON MY OWN she didn’t make meals or do laundry… She did however invite us in to her world of enthusiasm and sportsmanship (a good play is a good play no matter who played it), she quoted us stats of US players and world players, she admired hard work and was a proud “momma” to anyone who kept on truckin’ when others would have given up! Ahhh yes I can’t wait to breathe Olympics it’s like she’ll be back again.

  4. says

    I am a HUGE, lifelong fan of the Summer Olympics (I love the Winter Olympics, too, but nothing like Summer)…almost all the summer sports. I, too, grew up in water, literally…my mom ran the local public swimming pool and coached the swim team…I was on swim team as a tiny and taught swimming lessons and life=guarded my way through high school. Gimme water!!!! Oh, and I’m a Pisces, too…go figure!

  5. says

    swimming! because I swam from middle school through college, I truly admire there drive and commitment. When I was younger I would have died to go to the olympics for swimming. But I really love watching it on tv. Plus it doesn’t hurt Michael Phelps looks so darn good in a speedo

  6. says

    I love watching the Olympics! Although, I really do prefer the winter ones. Ice skating, bobsleds, hockey, and all of the pretty snow? Summer can’t compete. Although I am excited for gymnastics.

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