Join the Octoblog Challenge!

Back in February, the shortest month of the year, I challenged you to make your blog better in just 28 days.

And darn if you guys didn’t impress me. From updated headers and social links to new RSS feeds and more, you made the blog world a better place.

Now it’s time to do it again with the Octoblog Challenge, kicking off on October 1! Just like last time, this is a chance to audit your own blogs/websites, social media spaces and much more.

More Beautiful Blog

If you took part in February — it’s time to pick up where you left off. If you are new to the Challenge, it’s a great way to clean things up and get energized as we go into the last part of 2013.

So, what are the details?

  • Join in (it’s totally free!) at
  • Share all of your updates on and by using #octoblog on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is not a prize Challenge, but you’ll have the reward of a more beautiful blog by November.
  • Do as many updates or as few as you’d like. This is your chance to work on your blog one small (or big!) step at a time.

Here are just a few ideas (with more to come!):

  • Add/update categories (BONUS: Add/update menus and navigation bars)
  • Update and enhance your About page (BONUS: take new headshot and add to sidebar)
  • Update and enhance your Contact page
  • Add to/update your subscription options (BONUS: Add email feature)
  • Add/update your email signature to include blog URL and other platform links
  • Add a canned response (or more than one!) to address common questions you get
  • Create/edit your Feedly/Bloglovin/reader folders for better organization
  • Create/edit your media kit (BONUS: Create/edit your cover letter)

ChallengeLoop is a really great tool, and there’s even a mobile app for iPhones, so I hope you’ll join me in the #Octoblog Challenge.

Questions? Concerns? Let me know and then I’ll see you for the Challenge starting 10/1!

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  1. says

    I’m in! I just went self hosted not that long ago and I’ve really been struggling with the motivation to spruce up the blog after I lost my old design in the transfer. Hopefully I’ll have a spiffy new blog by the end :)

    • says

      You get to pick your own items — so there won’t be a specific list of things you MUST do, the way there are in other Challenges. But before we launch on October 1st, I’ll make 31 suggestions of things that you may want to consider. I’ll post that list on the Challenge Loop site to hopefully inspire people.

      I’ll also be sharing my own action items — many of them from things that came up during this weekend’s conference!

  2. says

    I’m reading and learning and very, very excited to start my OctoChallenge. With two blogs that need lots of TLC, lots… I can’t imagine a better blessing that having you start this amazing challenge for all of us that need that push. So dear Katy, keep on pushing me to beautify my blog(s) and aim for awesomeness! Thanks!

  3. says

    Hello everybody. I have just started similar challenge, but going for 92 days. So by the end of the year (or just after ew Year if you start now. I want to get myself fully into the creative career and I will blog every day. I am asking people to join me with any other challenge they may have like loosing weight, saving money for a trip or learning new skill, so we can support each other. Pick a day one to start with and keep me updated via e-mail every day or how it suits you. If it is relevant to the post, comment there. I will be updating via blog how is everyone doing. Much love and let’s get started. Kat xx


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