Keeping it Real: 4-Hour Body (Photos!) and 1/2 Marathon Updates

Let me just say one thing…this woman not only has a 4-hour body…she has a body that looks hot all day, every day.

And guess what? I’m proud to call her friend and colleague:

(video embedded above — if you can’t see it, please head here because you will NOT be sorry)

Wendy Chioji, an anchor that I worked with at my former TV news gig, now lives her dream in Park City, Utah. She’s a yoga and cycling instructor, personal trainer, entertainment reporter (Sundance!), skiier, volunteer…

…and breast cancer survivor. At 49, she is one of the most beautiful, vibrant, funny chicks I know, and a role model for pursuing your passions. I’m very excited that she’s joined our company (Growing Bolder) to be a reporter for Growing Bolder TV, and this video is getting a lot of attention, so I thought I’d share!

Time for a few updates! First, the half marathon training (more on the event here):

So far, I’m still really enjoying the training — I’m still embracing the intervals and I think that makes a big difference. I’m definitely concerned about not getting enough mileage in, so I think I’ll have to start adding in some longer runs during the week. Blech.

And next, the 4-Hour Body, which I have been following for two weeks — and when I say following, I mean it. Cold showers, supplements, etc. The whole nine.

The Good:

  • The diet has been surprisingly easy to follow, despite the fact that you’re encouraged to eat the same thing over and over. I got pretty sick of lentils and eggs in the first week, and really miss my sweet breakfasts, but overall, I am not hungry and I really don’t have to fight cravings.
  • I’ve been much, much better about drinking water through the day.
  • I feel much more lean, even if I’m not dropping a ton of weight. I feel less bloated, I see my muscles popping out with more definition and I just feel healthier.

The Not-So-Good:

  • GAS. Ugh, the gas. That’s what eating beans three times a day will do for a girl, but it’s brutal.
  • The aforementioned cold showers.
  • The garlic burps I get after taking the supplements.
  • I’m finding it very hard to vary my meals because I am vegetarian — and there’s no soy (tofu, tempeh, nada) allowed on 4HB. I’ve gotten creative with subbing in socca and almond flour bread to make up for the lack of variety, but still…

The Results (So Far)*:

  • Start
    • Weight X
    • Measurements X
  • Week 1
    • Weight -2lbs
    • Measurements n/a
  • Week 2
    • Weight -3.8lbs (total since start)
    • Measurements
      • Left Arm same
      • Right Arm -.25
      • Waist +.25
      • Hips -.5
      • Left Leg same
      • Right Leg +.5

*I don’t have a problem sharing my weight or my exact measurements, but I’m sensitive to the fact that for some, the numbers may be a trigger or a way to compare their numbers to mine. So I’m not posting them publicly. If you are just DYING to know, email me kwidrick at gmail dot com and I’ll share.

There are a couple of things that I think may be holding me back from more obvious progress — the fact that I already ate a very clean diet, so there was less crap to cut out, AND the fact that I continue to do a lot of exercise, which is something that’s not necessary on the plan. Oh, and a third issue — I had my period last week (sorry, guys, but it makes a difference!) so I don’t trust the scale or the measurements completely (in fact, 4HB tells you to throw out the scale results in the 10 days before TOM).

And, one more thing? Even though the scale is not moving as quickly as I’d like, I think I look tighter — I’ve certainly seen a reduction in my belly pooch. I decided to be brave and share these pictures because it’s what I would want to see if I was reading a diet review.

4HB-Tummy-Week 2 Progress


So, what’s next? I’m sticking with 4HB for another week, at least. I like that it keeps me on track, and I like the re-feed day…I find that I really look forward to it, and don’t splurge as much as I assumed I would. And I’m going to stay on track with running, too, in hopes that I can complete my third half marathon injury free!

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  1. says

    I was hoping you would post about this when you tweeted about being on 4HB. I’m currently reading the book, but I don’t think I’ll try it until after my brother’s wedding. I don’t want to risk a lack of progress with something that would be experimental. I do see a definite change in the before and after pics. Are the beans a mandatory part of the diet, or is that just a limitation from your vegetarianism? Thanks for the review!

    • says


      You’re smart to hold off on a major change like this — I think it’s an interesting plan, and people certainly seem to be seeing big results, but it’s also very restrictive, and it may not work in your timeframe.

      The beans aren’t mandatory, but you’re encouraged to eat a LOT of legumes, and get a lot of protein at every meal. Because I don’t eat meat, I’m a bit stuck on my sources. So I’ve been eating lentils or beans for breakfast, along with eggs.

  2. says

    Katie! That’s so amazing! Thank you for being so awesome and such an inspiration to so many people :) Thanks for always being honest and sharing your feedback, too!

  3. says

    You look GREAT Katy! :)
    And as for the training, don’t worry about the mileage as much. Sometimes it’s better to be a little undertrained rather than overtrained. I’m learning this the hard way, since I am now sidelined from running for shin splints. Not sure if I’m going to have to pull out of my 1/2 marathon at the end of this month. :( BUT I will still be doing IronGirl in April! :)

    • says

      Ugh…injuries suck! I had a terrible stress fracture last year, caused by overused shoes. So it’s not even just our muscles and bones that get overtrained — our equipment, too! Hang in there and get better soon.

  4. says

    Looks like 4HB is going great for you! I just started reading it on Tuesday – I’m less interested in the diet since it is obviously hard to be vegetarian on it and more interested in the strength training workouts. I’m interested to see how you progress over the next week or 2. Loving the info in the book though. It challenges the nutrition/weight loss things I learned in college, but I enjoy that!

  5. says

    I think you look different in those photos! I saw the guy behind this on Dr. Oz. My husband immediately started having protein first thing when he gets up in the morning:)

  6. says

    Wow! I always look at the belly button as an indicator of weight gain or loss in the tummy area. There’s a big difference between the two photos in that regard. Keep it up!

    • says


      There’s a really fascinating (well, I was fascinated, but I’m a nerd about body science and stuff) chapter about manipulating your body temperature to increase your metabolism and really make your nutritional changes take effect. The research used Michael Phelps and his swimming as a jumping off point, and it made sense. Is it working? Meh. But it’s worth a shot!

    • says


      I went to Vitamin Shoppe, and it happened to be on the day that Tim was on Dr. Oz, so they were sold out of everything he listed in the book! I went back got the exact brands he recommended, except I got the Garlic Allicin 4000 instead of the 6000 (or 6 instead of the 8?? I can’t remember) because it was in stock.

      You can order PAGG stacks online, and I know Fitarella has used them.

  7. says

    I can definitely see a difference! I really want to read this book & give it a go, my one concern is how doable it is for a vegetarian. I want to pick your brain next time I see you (I’ll be at Dance Trance on Weds) :)

  8. D says

    I have been a silent reader of your blog for a while now, and I have never commented, but I just wanted to say something…

    A few other commenters have said you are “brave” for posting your pics. Maybe I’m reading into this too much…but brave implies that there’s something scary about it…it implies doing something strong when confronted with an unpleasant situation. I certainly hope *you* didn’t read into it this way, but if you did, I hope you don’t think that there’s anything “brave” about it, because the use of that word would certainly bother me (I’m sure that no one meant it negatively, but I just had to say something). I think it’s AWESOME that you shared your pics and you look great! Your abs are really much slimmer, although you hardly have much to slim down! Anyway, I will return to lurking now…:)

    • says


      Thanks for de-lurking AND for your supportive, constructive comment. I love that you’ve asked us to think about the word “brave,” and you’ve actually inspired me to blog about it. I myself said I was feeling brave by posting, but not because I ever expected anyone else to be negative or make fun of me.

      I guess it’s just hard for some — including me! — to be this open with the Internet. I have no problem talking about what I eat, mistakes I’ve made and even personal family details, but there’s something about taking my shirt off and showing my tummy that’s a bit intimidating. :)

      Having said all of that, I felt a rush of TOWANDA when I hit publish, knowing that my post would help others and help myself feel more comfortable in my own skin.

      Thank you so much for coming out, and I hope to see more comments from you soon!

  9. says

    You look FANTASTIC!!!!

    As for the soy thing, I know that Tim Ferriss steers clear but I think the real worry is with super processed soy like soy milk and soy isolates. I too am doing 4HB but I am eating tofu. Not everyday but every so often. If you think about some of the meat that people are putting into their bodies (I can guarantee that not everyone is using local, organic, grass-fed meat) I think tofu is the lesser of those evils!

    • says


      I’ve had the same thought — since tofu really isn’t the processed food he’s talking about…and I think edamame is OK on the plan.

      I may start bringing tofu back in, because it gives me a nice variety that beans and lentils don’t give me.

      Are you seeing the results you were hoping for?

      • says

        I just started and actually was doing the diet from the website but I picked up the book last night and he has both Tofu and Tempeh listed as good slow carb foods on p 82 so I think you’re fine to add those back in! :)

        • says

          Tofu and other products of soya MUST be made of fermented soya because soya is toxic and it has a nasty habit of making us bloated along the way. Fermentation reduces toxicity to a negligible level and you won’t feel bloated either.

          While I’m sure most of us know that, I thought I mention this for those readers who don’t.

          Since there are no known soya products that state on the packaging that they have been made from fermented soya beans, the only safe bet is to buy them from Asian shops. Asians ferment their soya beans before making anything from it, so their products are toxic- and bloat- free.

  10. says

    My dear, it’s a sexy belly button every which way! When I read the food chapters, it sounds so similar to a body building diet when they are cutting for competition. Honestly, right down to the cheat day and the supplements. I too eat a variation of it and super clean anyway but as a veg, the variety isn’t there sometimes.

    Are you finding any decrease in energy with the reduced carbs and your endurance training? I really noticed a glycogen depletion when I go lower than normal and a lot more bonking. I’d love to hear your experience with it.

  11. says

    I saw this guy on Dr. Oz. I really see the difference for you! For me, I don’t think I can do it as a life thing.. you know, find a program that will work for you as a lifestyle change. I already eat healthy & work out & do the right things & am pretty satisfied with my results. Yes, I would love the lower tummy to look better but with age, many things do catch up along with those dang hormones! :-) I could incorporate a few things though! :-) Beans – bloat me way too much! 😉

  12. says

    Hi … found you via twitter, not sure if I commented here before.
    Great post … lots of familiar things in it.
    I’m also training for a half (April 9th in New Holland, PA) I’ve run for years, but then was injured in an accident and couldn’t run for 4 years, since I’m back to running (2 yrs now) I’ve found I like the Galloway method the best. I do 4/1 at this time.

    Plus, I’ve been following 4-hr Body since New Years. I’ve lost almost 8 pounds. I didn’t do pictures or measurements (because I can be lazy like that) but I might start doing pictures now. I’ll probably be on it another month because I have about 7 more to lose.
    I agree about meals getting boring … because I’m a vegetarian also … well, almost, I do eat Salmon about once a week, so that’s a nice change from just beans and veges.

    Happy running!

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