Let Me Helpout You

You guys, I am giving myself heart palpitations with this post title. I love a good pun but this one just seems so…on the fringe of what my grammar slammer mind can tolerate.

But it’s for a good cause — because I’m excited to share that I’m part of a new project from Google called “Helpouts”:

Google Helpouts

a snippet from my listing

It’s a pretty great idea from Google — I have done blog consulting and media kit critiques for a long time now, and it’s always a pleasure. But it’s also super time consuming, both for me and the blogger!

These quick Helpouts make it easier for me to work with someone on a smaller (and more budget-friendly) basis, and the platform allows me to share my screen to show examples, actually go through the pages of a blog and point out some areas for feedback, build media kits and more, all in real time (and it’s much more interactive, since the other person can ask questions and really focus on what he/she needs rather than letting me spend too much time on any one task).

The idea is that you can come in with a list of questions — say, “How can I use PicMonkey to build a media kit?” and “what tool do you use to invoice clients?” — and get them answered thoroughly but quickly. If you just want to pick my brain about blogging (“what do you think the best platform is for sharing my posts – Twitter or Facebook?” and “what are my options for joining an ad network?”), we can talk about that, too!

Google Hangouts

I’ll be posting regular “office hours” so that you can book time with me and plan ahead. You can even send me messages so I know what to focus on so we really use the time wisely. And if I have free time outside of those scheduled areas, I can (and do!) make myself available for consultations, which will be indicated right on my Helpouts page.

(The Helpouts are even recorded so you can review everything that we talked about — and if you book time with me, you’ll be able to follow up by email or reach out to me with ANY questions.)

If you’re worried about the pricing — let me know. My goal is offer as many freebies as possible (for 15-minute consultations, or things that don’t need a long explanation) and if the $20/30 minutes doesn’t seem fair to you, or you book with me and hate the experience, you can have your money refunded OR you and I can negotiate something that works for your needs. This isn’t about making money for me (although I have to cover my time costs)…it’s really about finding news ways to help YOU become the blogger you want to be.

I’m passionate about this — about using what I’ve learned and paying it forward. I’m really anxious for your feedback, and hoping this is a success. It’s been fun so far (I’ve done a couple of Helpouts and each one was a learning experience!).

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    I can think of no one better to help others with blogging issues…patient, kind, understanding and so knowledgeable. And I speak from experience…I am a “minor league” blogger and am made to feel as legitimate as a “big leaguer”!


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