Letting Goals Go

I am so excited for my friends.

Meghann (@mealsandmiles), Kelly (@BNeathItAll) and Ben (@shirtlessben) — the Anderson trio — are competing in the Augusta 70.3 Half Ironman today.

At one point, I’d hoped to race with them. I even joined the crew for a few training swims.

image source: mealsandmiles.com

I made noises about committing to training; researched the gear I’d need to finish the three legs of a very challenging course. Thought about how amazing I’d feel if I were able to cross this particular triathlon distance off my fitness bucket list.

But I think I always knew. It wasn’t the right race for me. Not the right time, and not the right way to jump in.

Blogging and making friends with your blends (blog friends) is a positive form of peer pressure, but it’s a double-edged sword. (Remember “Sorry I’m Not Sorry?”) I feel like I came up short, and I have to remind myself today that had I chosen to take part in the race, there’s a lot I would have given up.

I would have sacrificed energy for some major projects that I’m proud to be leading at work. I would have given up the scarce amount of time I have with my husband. I would have abandoned Body Pump, Dance Trance and yoga, and all of those things fulfill me.

I would have pushed my body to its limits at a time when I need to nurture and indulge it. And I think that’s the one that finally got to me. I have some major non-fitness goals that I’m working on, and I’m focused on that right now.

There are plenty of years ahead for training for the elusive half Ironman distance, and I will do it someday. Just not now.

So today, I’m hoping that Meghann, Kelly and Ben race their hearts out, not only for themselves, but for all of us at home who wish that we could be pounding it out in Augusta.

Also, good luck to @catmelnyk and @AMLemus, who are also racing, and to @DaniDillard who is cheering everyone on! And more fond wishes to @healthyashley, who had planned on competing today, until her horrific bike crash.

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  1. says

    It’s good you can take a step back and realize the positives in the decision you made for yourself. I completely see your points and it looks like it training could have just been more of a stressor in your like than anything else, at this moment. After training hard for nearly all of last year, I couldn’t be happier just exercising for fitness and enjoyment and overall health right now. I can fit it in whenever I feel like it and I’m not pressured to complete anything I don’t want to that day. I think we all go through phases and right now is not a phase I need to be training or competing.

  2. says

    I love this perspective on the influence/pressure of healthy living blogs. I’ve definitely felt both the positive influence to lead a healthy and active life and the negative pressure of doing races and competitions I’m not ready for.

    It’s awesome that you’re listening to your body and personal goals, and teaching other people that you don’t have to do what anyone else does to be a healthy and happy person :)

    Good luck on everything you’re working towards!

  3. says

    Hi Katy! I very sincerely believe that trusting yourself/knowing when to say no is an incredibly valuable skill. I think that for women especially, we feel like we’ve gotta do it all, and we just DON’T. We especially don’t have to do it all at once!

    Sure, achieving goals is great; but if something inside of us says it’s not the right time who the hell are we doing it for, anyway?

    Good luck with all of your goals, you will definitely achieve them. :)

  4. says

    I think a lot of people forget that racing is NOT everything. And you are right, it does take a lot of time to train for a race like that let alone an Ironman. I would be lying if I told you that sometimes I wish that I had time to do other things. Ironman has literally taken over my life. working out anywhere from 2-10 hrs most days is a HUGE time suck. Plus, if you do have time for something, you want it use it for sleeping or eating. I work anywhere from 45-55 hours/ week plus I have a husband and 2 weim puppies. That is pretty much all I have time for. I enjoy racing, but after my 2nd Ironman next July, I’m going to be taking some time off from long distance triathlons. I feel like I need a break already.

    I don’t judge you for having things more important things to do than Ironman. It is truly a selfish sport!!

  5. says

    Goodness, we are the same person Katy. I’m sitting here, incredibly frustrated that I’m watching the potential of me running the Vegas half marathon slip out of my hands. I have several blog/twitter friends running the race, as well as family, so all I can think about it registering. But at the same time, I know there are better decisions for my wallet and my health. IT SUCKS to be responsible and it’s a lesson I’m not enjoying learning right now. I really needed this today, so thanks for writing it.

  6. says

    Good for you! I remember learning during lululemon goal training that failing is an important part of goal setting. “If you are hitting more than 50% of your goals, you aren’t reaching high enough” was what they always said.

  7. says

    I <3 you! Racing Augusta was a HUGE time commitment – bigger than any marathon or other race I've ever done, but I'm so happy I did it. The timing may not have been right for you to complete 70.3 this time, but I know you have it in you, so that when the time is right, you will train and race your heart out.

  8. says

    Great post, Katy. I think it is crucial to stay focused on not only what you want to do, but also when it is best for you to do it. That has been my lesson for much of this year. It has been hard to realize that what’s best for others isn’t always what’s best for me.

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