Look How My Garden Grows!

Technically, I don’t think I can call these organic vegetables, because the seeds I used were not organic (next year!) But I’m super excited to be getting so much good stuff growing because we started this garden three years ago on a section of land that was covered in glass, rocks, broken fence and sand.

Next up — a composter! Lucas and I found this how-to on Young House Love (one of my very favorite sites) and I think we’re going to tackle it in time for next year’s planting.

Garden 7 Garden 6 Garden 4 Garden 3 Garden 2 Garden 8

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    Looks delicious! A friend of ours just gave us a hanging tomato plant – which I still have to “plant”. I can’t wait to have home grown tomatoes. I definitely want to have a garden someday – but I definitely don’t have a green thumb. I’ll start with the tomatoes first and see how that goes before I try the real thing!

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    Your garden is awesome! I love the way your veggies grow! Looks like they are organic even though its not. Can’t believe that you started in a section of land full of glasses rocks and sands. Did you bought organic soils for your plants?

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    It is always best to grow your own food since you are sure its healthy and fresh. Since you had started to grow your own vegetables for your table, its best to practice organic gardening. No fertilizers or pesticides to use. From your harvest, I know there will be plenty to come with best practices to do for your garden. Good luck and more produce for your garden.

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