Lucas Finds (New) Balance

Lookie, lookie — a rare post from the husband! One of the fun parts of blogging is that every once in a while, I get to pass on some of my good fortune to him, and you should see the way his face lights up.

In this case, New Balance was kind enough to send two items for his review:

I don’t normally accept a lot of products for review, but I have come to really love New Balance as a company. Not only are they American (New England, baby!), they are heavily involved in the healthy living community, and I have had the pleasure of meeting several employees and ambassadors, all of whom are passionate about their work and their gear.

Besides, if Ben Affleck and other celebrities love the 990, I figured Lucas would, too! So enjoy his thoughts below.

Oh New Balance, My New Balance

Let me just get this out of the way up front. When packages arrive at our house, I typically do not even bother looking at the name. I simply put them on the counter and let Katy open what came for her when she gets home. So this whole getting cool stuff in the mail thing is new to me … let alone writing something about it.

Lucas New Balance Collage

The one time something did show up for me, I was immediately sure that the universe (or more likely my wife) had something to do with it. Knowing how badly I need to get back on an exercise routine, I was very excited to check out my new running shoes and shirt from New Balance.

Second thing to get out there is that I typically get my running shoes fitted for me and run around the parking lot before making a decision, so not getting to try them on ahead of time was a little different. I quickly got past my initial sentiment that the shoes were too nice to get dirty and I gave an effort to break them in. Immediately I noticed that they were lighter than the running shoes I just took off, though didn’t really fit the same. Then again, they were not broken in yet.

Dogs Crash Shoot

Then there is the shirt I received. You see, Florida provides a dilemma for me when it comes to running. I prefer running without a shirt because, well, it is so damn hot. Aside from the fact that right now I am in no shape to be having no shirt off outside my own property, having no shirt also brings the whole sunburn thing into the equation.

This New Balance shirt might just change my mind. It is incredibly comfortable (read: no chafing) to the point that I would like to wear it around all of the time. On top of that it wicks away sweat and keeps you as cool as one could feel while running under the Florida sun. Of course it also has shiny stripes on it that would keep me safe in the event that I ever get up early enough to run before the sun rises.

The verdict? I am pretty damn happy to have the stuff despite that fact that it reduces any excuse I have of not exercising. New Balance has never been the brand that I would have bought on my own as I tend to fall into a comfort zone with products, so this opportunity is great. I will have to see how I feel after getting the shoes truly broken in and abused a bit, but so far so good.

Note: these products were provided for review to us by New Balance with no expectations or other compensation. We just think they’re cool. We hope you do too.

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    I so agree about shirt choice being so important if you are running outside in Florida. The wrong shirt can really make a run miserable.

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