Mark Your Calendars: 28-Day Blog Challenge!

Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions or at least reflected on what we’d like to achieve in 2013. But how much attention have you paid to your blog?

I’m launching a 28-Day Blog Challenge in February, and I hope you’ll consider joining! The official link is already published, so you can take a look ahead of the start February 1st.


Here’s how it’s going to work:

It’s time to commit to building a better blog and creating community — so come join the 28-Day Blog Challenge! It’s the shortest month of the year but you can have a big impact by taking small steps each day in February. We start on February 1 and whether you’re just beginning your journey or are a well-established blogger looking to become even bigger, everyone is welcome. I’ll make recommendations of 28 things you can do (adding subscription options, tweaking commenting settings, organizing your Google Reader) and you can take them as far as you want OR you can create your own to-do list. To take part, just accept the challenge, download the app on your phone and leave a comment or post a photo every time you do something positive for your blog or the blogging community! Make sure you tweet about your work using the hashtag #28DBC.

At the end of the challenge, everyone who has completed the challenge (a minimum of five entries) will be entered to win a prize and I’ll select the winner at random. In total, 25 people will win a prize.

The prizes are pretty awesome — popchips and Sparkly Soul are on board and we may have more fun surprises in store. It’s totally free to take part and YOU get to take part as much or as little as you want.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the suggestions I’ll be making:

  • Add/update categories (BONUS: Add/update menus and navigation bars)
  • Review and refresh bios, including URLS (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)
  • Comment on five blog posts (from separate websites!)

The Challenge is definitely designed for bloggers, but if you don’t have a blog and want to take part, you’ll be able to craft your own 28 entries, and I’m here to help!

We kick off February 1st but you can join now by heading to this link and using the hashtag #28DBC.

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  1. says

    Perfect timing! I am working on moving my WordPress free blog to SquareSpace and had already decided that Feb 1 was my own little deadline for unveiling the new site, so this will just help me stay on task to get it up and looking good! Thanks!

  2. says

    Hi Katy!
    This looks awesome – what a great idea! I haven’t commented yet, but have been *mining* your website for a few weeks now as I’ve worked on getting my site up and running. I finally decided to just LAUNCH the thing and finish figuring out thesis overnight and on weekends :o) So wanted to stop by and thank you so much for the troves of great info you have around here. Looking forward to the challenge – hope you’re having a great week!


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  2. […] Lot’s happened over the weekend.  If you visit my blog you will see that I changed the theme and colors.  I cleaned up the side and made it look a bit more organized. (My OCD (Day One) came into play there, it was looking to cluttered and bothering me) I also purchased my domain name, turns out it was not as expensive as I thought and it allows me to do a little bit more, so I am officially I added some new badges as well and joined some different fitness blogging sites.  I probably shouldn’t have done so many things over the weekend and saved them for days this week in my 28 day Blog Challenge. […]

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