My Baby Beat Me to the Finish Line

Well, I’m humbled. My baby — all of six months old — beat me to the finish line at a 5K this weekend, setting her PR, her PDR and even winning the unofficial stroller division.

I’m just hoping it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship she has with fitness.


On Friday, DadJovi called and said he had a couple of extra spots in a brand new 5K, and did we want them? I said yes, recruited Lucas and Audrey to join me, and off we went.

It was perfect on several levels:

  • the race was only timed at the end, had no chip timing and was very small
  • the course was stunning and happened to start just about 10 minutes from our house
  • I just bought a new running stroller off Craigslist and I was anxious to try it out
  • strollers were welcome
  • I am in training for the Women’s Running Series 5K in St. Petersburg (there is also a half marathon there – discount code below!)

Lucas was, as always, supportive — and only grumbled a bit about having to wake up early, the misty morning, etc. But as soon as the gun went off to start the race, his competitive streak kicked in. And (spoiler alert) that led him and Audrey to have quite a race.

We didn’t really talk about how we wanted to run when we started — I think we figured that we’d kind of see how the stroller affected things. I think we maintained about a 10-minute mile for the first mile or so (I ran without a Garmin or a clock and had NO idea where I was on the course or what pace I was running), a bit slower than either of us would naturally be, but we had to try and dodge other runners and walkers. Once things cleared up, in the second mile, we started to go a bit faster, and I started to feel a side stitch set in. I decided to slow down and then take a 30-second walking break to try and alleviate the pain, but I told Lucas to keep going.

Perhaps spurred on by Audrey’s cheers (we heard “squeee! heeeahhhhh! booooo!” from the stroller throughout the run), they picked up their pace, slowly disappearing from my view. After my break, I got back to running, but settled in around a 9:30 pace (my best guess). Lucas turned several times and we exchanged thumbs up signs, and as we turned the final corner toward the finish line, they took off.

I gave it one final kick and when I saw Lucas and Audrey cheering me on at the finish line, I smiled my way through the last few strides and asked how they did.


As it turns out — there was one stroller ahead of my team, but when Lucas saw them, he raced as hard as he could to finish first…and he did. They beat me by more than a minute (there was a clock at the end, which said I finished in 30:56, but I think I started about a minute after the gun went off) and won — self-awarded only — the stroller division.

It was so much fun, and I’m already looking for more stroller-friendly races. I loved taking Audrey out among other runners and while I know she won’t remember this race, I will, and I’ll tell her how she rocked her first run.

Then took a nice long nap.





1) I’m still hoping to PR at the St. Petersburg 5K this fall, and I’d LOVE to have you join me at that event or one of the other Women’s Running Series races in the next few months.

Bloomington, MN – June 16, 2013 SORRY! This city’s event has been cancelled.
Nashville, TN – September 28, 2013
Scottsdale-Tempe, AZ – November 3, 2013
St. Petersburg, FL – November 24, 2013

If you sign up for the half marathon in St. Pete, use the discount code FITFLKATY for $10 off. (Note: I am being compensated for helping to promote this race but believe me, the sweat and tears I’m putting into training are all mine.)

More information is on Facebook and Twitter (follow the hashtag #BeAmazing).

2) I think Lucas and I are now firmly on Team Saucony. He RAVED about how lightweight his Virrata were this weekend (see his original review here) and I have to admit that while I love my Virrata, the Kinvara 4 have grown on me and are my new favorites. They’re a perfect balance between lightweight, minimalist shoes and more traditional running sneakers.


They’re super comfortable, sturdy without feeling bulky and weren’t too tight at the top of my foot, which is a regular complaint of mine. I didn’t love these the first time I wore them but after a few runs, I’m definitely changing my tune. (Note: I was sent these sneakers for free as part of a review program.)

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  1. says

    Yay!! I love that your hubby got into the competitive spirit! I hope to find a guy like that one day. I trained in Saucony Ride 4 (or something like that) last year for my first half marathon, I wish I had picked up 2 pairs so I had a pair to wear this year while marathon training! But I did find a pair of Ride 5s and they are okay, I just really want my old shoe back. The Rides are a lot different, they are super sturdy and a little bulky, but I love that about them, I feel like I’m more protected as I pound the pavement.

    • says

      I wish there were baby-friendly triathlons. She loves the pool, we’re getting a bike seat and now she’s a runner, so she’s ready to go!

  2. says

    That is so fun – it looked like Audrey thoroughly enjoyed that stroller race :)

    Will you be at all of the rest of the races that you mentioned, or just the St. Petersburg race? Like Bloomington, MN for example…. 😉

    • says

      I love love LOVE it – it’s the Kona model, and since I found it on Craigslist, I don’t think it’s newest version of the Ironman.

      I had a tough time deciding which model to get, but I knew I didn’t want to use the Bob as my everyday stroller (I have a CityMini GT Elite that I absolutely love because I can fold it with one hand, it’s incredibly light and it folds so compactly that it fits right in my trunk), so I decided to go with the fixed front wheel Ironman and use it strictly for running.

      I have heard great things about both models (Ironman and Revolution), and have also read that there is a steeper learning curve with the Ironman, since the front wheel doesn’t rotate. I’ll probably do a video comparing my strollers soon.

      • says

        that would be awesome, we just started the looking and registering process- I really did like the city mini, but already wanted the Bob Revolution and got an umbrella stroller for travel…

  3. says

    Congrats on the 5k run Katy! That is a fantastic time – especially considering you’re pushing another person too! I’ll see you at St Pete :)

  4. Kim says

    ALMOST signed up for the St Pete 5k til I read no strollers allowed – argh! Would’ve loved to do that one with a 3-month old baby girl in tow :-) Looks like Audrey had a fun time at the race!

    • says

      I know – why is it so hard to find stroller-friendly races? It drives me crazy when races say they are banned but I show up and lots of people are jogging with kids.

      That’s one of the reasons I have set this as a PR race, though — if I have to run alone, I might as well have a lofty goal!

  5. says

    Hi Katy, I happen to run across your blog. Like you, I am a full-time, working mom who runs with a stroller and also is training for an Ironman. In January, I started a stroller friendly race calendar, Run Stroller Run (, with more than 1000 races listed throughout the U.S. I am adding approximately 20-30 races weekly. Check it out! Congrats on the race.

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