My Favorite New Ad Management Tool (Plus, Get a Free Ad on My Blog!)

I have to give a bit hat tip to my friend JackieJovi for introducing me to my favorite new ad management tool: Passion Fruit Ads.

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 2.22.06 PM

(BTW, this is *not* a sponsored post — remember, I disclose those — and as a reward for reading, if you get to the bottom of the post you’ll see how you can list a FREE AD on my site!)

I am in and use several ad networks both here and on my baby blog:

    • Glam/Bliss
    • Lijit
    • Google Ads
    • Affiliate networks including

In addition, I post several buttons on my site to disclose my affiliations (FitFluential, Clever Girls Collective, etc.).

I have tried almost all management tools and the standout is Passion Fruit Ads.

A quick primer: because of my ad network, Glam gets above-the-fold, first-call ads. Fine with me. But for the rest of the site (1000 px below the top) and for any unsold inventory, I can fill in the gaps. And because there’s quite a bit more money to be made on direct ad sales (with an accompanying demand of extra time on the seller’s part), I choose to fill some of those spots that way.

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 2.22.18 PM

Here’s the process:

  1. Sign up for a Passion Fruit account
  2. Register your blogs/websites
  3. Create the public profile (new!) that potential buyers will see (mine:
  4. Create your ad opportunities (the most common sizes are: 300×250, 160×600, 728×90, 125×125 but you’ll want to post whatever your theme supports)
  5. Install the ad code
  6. Spread the word!

I have run several ad campaigns through Passion Fruit and am really, really impressed.

  • The client/advertiser has the option to upload the ad and copy itself, which is wonderful. If they can’t or don’t want to, you can do the work (and charge more, depending on the contract you have!).
  • You completely control the ad, and have to approve it before it goes live.
  • Once you install the code (via text/HTML widget) it automatically updates and runs the ads.
  • You can control how long the ad runs and whether it is static or rotates with other ads.
  • It’s a reasonable and flat fee to run the ads.

SO — you want to try it out? I’m offering free 125×125 ads for 30 days at a time to my fellow bloggers.


To upload your graphic and URL, head to and click on the “swap” spot. Use the promo code “swap” and you’ll get it for free. I reserve the right to reject ads for non-blog websites. These ads will rotate. If you have trouble or questions, let me know!

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    • says


      You just need to make a 125×125 graphic — if you have a program like Photoshop, you can make one. Or you can also use a free tool like PicMonkey to make it. Take a look on the sidebar for examples of how other bloggers are creating graphics. Good luck!

  1. says

    You are in my brain!

    I just added PassionFruit Ads last month and am writing up a post RIGHT NOW on them. I love the system! It’s so insanely easy to use. :)

  2. says

    DEFINITELY just signed up… Ha Ha! 😉 Thanks for your advice. I am a sucker for these things! I am just going to test it out… If I don’t really have any takers, down it comes – but it’s worth a shot right?

  3. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I had looked into Passionfruit ads before, but at that point it was required that you post the link on your site as well. I don’t yet have a sponsor page on my site. Is there still a way to use them? Or do I need to set up that page? Thanks, Katy!

      • says

        I do have a page with the sponsor info posted (I just didn’t put it into my navigation bar until last night):

        You can also put a graphic in your sidebar directing people to the page on Passion Fruit. OR you can just send the link on Passion Fruit to people directly and have them sign up there.

        Long answer to your question. Short answer: yes you can.

  4. says

    Turns out I already had an account. Some day I’ll figure out how to get the ads on our site too! For now, thank you for the kind offer and I hope I did everything correctly. If a graphic is different than a picture, I’ll redo w/ our 4th grade logo.

  5. says

    Hey Katy,
    Any tips on actually getting people to buy ads? I’ve emailed every company and friend I’d be willing to accept ads from and haven’t even gotten a nibble! Now that Passionfruit is going to start charging, I really need income in order to keep using the system. Suggestions?

    • says

      That’s always the hardest part, so I feel your pain…

      …have you posted on Facebook and Twitter? What about swapping ads with a couple of people for now, so they see how it works, and then moving into a paid project?

      …what, if any, feedback have you gotten about your pricing and ad sizes?

      I’d also go talk to some local restaurants and stores, since your blog really does have a local/niche focus. So many of those places are looking to break into online advertising but have no idea how/where to start. You could offer them a month free or give them a discount on an annual ad (and then you have some real live ads to show other potential sponsor targets).

  6. says

    Hey Katy,
    Any tips on actually getting people to buy ads? For my Blog..i m a graphic desogner Student and wanted to work freelancer from my home ..can you help me getting started..

    • says

      Hi Sourabh!

      That’s a bit of a loaded question…do you mean how do you get them to find your opportunities and actually complete the sale? Or how to give them the return on investment they’re looking for?

      Advertising is like anything else — you need to figure out what your product’s value is, and make sure that you communicate that to your client. If you have a lot of pageviews, your selling point might be visibility and exposure to the brand. If your pageviews are lower but you can provide extra incentives — say, a customized ad using your design and graphic skills — you may be able to sweeten the pot that way.

      If the price is right and you are a good partner, you should be able to start with a small client base and build from there.


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