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Best. News. EVAAAAAAAA! It is now super easy to make sure you’re notified about updates that your favorite pages make, which I honestly think is a long overdue tool. Two tools, to be exact.

(Especially since I, ahem, “like” several hundred pages. And that’s after a major purge a few months ago.) - I would like you a lot more if social media didn't keep me in touch with all your stupid thoughts.

Not only is it super handy for regular use of Facebook, I think it’s huge for page admins that share the task of making updates.

Tool #1: Notifications

You can now go to a page, hover over the “liked” button and turn on notifications for that page. Hurrah!

Let’s say, for example, that you can’t stand the idea of missing even a single post from Growing Bolder. Just select “Get Notifcations” and any time that page is updated, you’ll get the little red number at the top of your page that indicates you have something new to check out.

I think this will be especially helpful for developing stories (following news stories, product launches, etc.) because you can toggle it on and off.

Tool #2: Interest Lists

I LOVE this (and it’s a tool that has existed for a while but I’m just now getting into it for pages) tool — it basically allows you to build a favorites list, add multiple pages to it, and then have a single URL to check for all updates from those pages.

You can build an interests group for bloggers, your favorite products, celebrities, etc. Then, save the group(s) in your favorites so it appears toward the top of your Facebook homepage, and click the link for one-stop browsing.

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