New Tool Tuesday: Back It Up, Back It Up…You Got It, You Got It

I try and give as much solid advice to my readers as I can. I tell you about the latest plugins and widgets to make your blog shiny and fun. I help you create media kits and join ad networks. I even talk about fitness every once in a while.

But the…

…is that if you do not back up your stuff, and you lose it, you will be sad. And noboday will be able to help you.

“But Katy, you’ve told us this before, right?”

Yup. I mean, between “Backing Up Your Blog: You’ve Been Warned,” “Hacked: How to Handle It” and “When the Cat Locks You Out, Do You Have a Backup Plan?,” there’s honestly NO excuse for you having avoided the task before.

But I bet you have.

So, here I am again with yet another new tool that should ease your mind when it comes to backing up your [sorry, all — self-hosted WordPress only] blog. It’s the solution I now use (in place of the plugin and database/files backup).

I started using VaultPress a few months ago when my plugin backups started taking up too much room on my server, and frankly, when I realized that the $15 monthly fee was much less than I’d pay to try and get all of my blog files rescued and reset if something catastrophic happened.

Here are some of the reasons I use and love VaultPress:

  • It’s built on the same platform that actually runs blogs, so it’s stable and proven

  • The plans include backups of both database items (the posts and pages) AND your blog’s files (images you’ve uploaded, plugins, customizations, etc.)

  • Great (and immediate, depending on the plan) support

  • Real time backups.

Let me type that one again. Real time backups.

Once you buy the plan, install the plugin and activate the tool — you sit back and let VaultPress do the work.

Check this out.

Just yesterday, it backed up 11 times, and each backup allows me to download the entire data set, or just certain parts (say, uploaded media). That means that if I install a plugin, or tweak some code, or do anything else that crashes my blog, I can get the backed up files and reinstall my work.

VaultPress even has safekeepers who can help you with any problems. The other day, I was troubleshooting some problems that were related to my Feedburner account. I asked VaultPress to make sure I had a full backup ready in case my work crashed anything, and not only did they run a full sweep of the site, they even helped me with the fix. The one that was totally unrelated to VaultPress.

Now, I’ll admit that I’ve never needed my full backup. So I can’t fully review the safekeeper services. But I do think that at $15, this is worth the investment.

(If you’re still on the fence, ask yourself — what would I pay to get my blog back if it crashed and I lost months or years of work? Of uploaded files? Of blog design? If that total is more than $180, VaultPress should be worth it for you, too.)

And no, I get nothing for spreading the VP love. I’m not getting paid, and there’s no affiliate link. But if you end up buying their service, let them know I sent you!

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  1. says

    I definitely need to think about this more. I think we place too much trust in the internet and computers these days. I just assume it can always be recovered but that is definitely not always the case. Thanks for the great tips Katy!

  2. says

    I’m seriously considering vault press, so thank you for this post. I started my blog a little over a month ago, and I signed up for blue host’s site backup pro. Are you at all familiar with this? I’m wondering if I should also sign up for vault press, or if that’s not necessary because of the blue host service. It’s kind of confusing!

  3. says

    Does anyone have experience with myRepono?

    I’ve been using them to back up both of my blogs, and get an email notification telling me how much data was backed up. I assume they’re okay – found them through WordPress – but it’s a new company, and worry sometimes if something were to go wrong.


  4. says

    Katy: I am finally backing up, thanks to you. I had issues with the previous plugin you mentioned (wp-db-something…) and just downloaded BackupWordPress. It was VERY easy… I just hope it works. It says it will backup both my files and database. This seems okay to you, right? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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