New Tool Tuesday: Backupify

You’re sick of hearing it from me. I don’t care.

Back it up. Back it up. Back it up.

Today, though, I’m not talking about your blog or your computer — I’m talking about your social media accounts!

A tool that I’ve been using for a while just got a nifty upgrade, and I think it could be something for many of you to check out. Backupify isĀ free for three personal accounts, and you can upgrade to back up more for a pretty reasonable monthly fee.

And it covers a TON of tools:

Plus, it backs up on Amazon’s S3 server, which is super safe.

I have an older account, which means I was grandfathered into older pricing (free, but I get 5 accounts and 2GB of space). So I back up: my work email (on Google apps), my personal email (gmail), Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

I’ve never had to access the backup, and I hope I never will. I still have redundant files — my original photos, etc. But it’s nice to know that someone else is watching my back.

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  1. says

    I just signed up for the free account and am backing up my Gmail, Picasa and Facebook. I’ll reconsider other things later. See, I listen to my girl…

  2. says

    Sounds like a great idea! I didn’t even know that this was possible. Facebook and my blog are pretty much the only things I would really miss if they went away.

  3. says

    Funny that just after reading this, my laptop crashed.

    It’s up and running again now, after quite a bit of panic, but I’m glad I have a blog backup program, I need to be more diligent about my computer backup program, and tomorrow I’m going to use Backupify. Thanks, Katy.

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