New Tool Tuesday: DailyBurn

UPDATE! Since I posted this review, Daily Burn has changed its pricing…and gone cheaper! So make sure you check it out and give it strong consideration.

At this point, you guys know I’ll try just about anything once. (Except for bungee jumping. That’s just never going to happen.) That’s the premise behind New Tool Tuesday — I try stuff out so you don’t have to.

But there is one segment of the Web world where I normally don’t venture. It’s games, or apps built on gamification (remember this You Oughta Know?).

I just have a hard time sticking with tools that require me to fulfill specific to-do items or are too hard to get into. (Sorry for any of you who play Words With Friends with me. That was a 4-week obsession that I now ignore. Stop judging me, notification icon!!!)

I give you my history and my bias because I want you to know why it’s such a big deal that I say this.

Daily Burn is freaking amazing.

To disclose a bit, I had heard of DB in the past, but never signed up. When my friend Theodora sent me some information about the newly revamped website and then blogged about how much she loved the program, I decided to give it a shot (Theodora set me up with a 1-month account, but you can take a free 7-day trial right from the website).

It’s awesome. After an easy but thorough questionnaire, Daily Burn put together a customized program just for me — including video workouts, some nutrition guidelines, weekly challenges and even awards.

Theodora does a much better job breaking down exactly how it works, so be sure to go check her review out.

For me, I can just tell you that it has these major plusses:

  • super easy to get started
  • totally customizable (I was able to put in my diet restrictions/preferences, the amount of times I can work out each week, what my goals are, etc.)
  • mobile-friendly
  • amazing graphics
  • very well-produced videos

And these minor negatives:

  • it called me a couch potato on the home screen
  • I find it hard to share some of my achievements through social media (a la Daily Mile)

A not-so-minor negative? The $19.99/month price tag. That’s less than a membership to the gym, but given the resources on free sites like BodyRock.TV and YouTube, I’m not sure that I’d be able to justify the monthly subscription.

I’ve only been on it for a week or so, and I’m interested to see how the program grows with me. I’d also love to see even more attention on bringing workouts offline — maybe audio podcasts with specific workouts? Text message reminders? Communities built into Facebook and Twitter?

If you want to check it out, head to

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  1. says

    This looks so awesome! I was totally going to check it out until I saw the price tag… No bueno. PS have you done any posts about iPad apps you love? I just got one for Christmas and usually LOVE your suggestions, so I thought I’d ask :)

  2. says

    Anne — I’m so jealous! I don’t have an iPad, so I haven’t written any posts about apps. But I do have (and love) an iPhone, so perhaps I can do a post about that? I’ll also solicit ideas for favorite iPad apps from my readers.

    Yeah, the price tag is a definite no bueno. I think that if someone didn’t have access to a gym, the workout videos might be worth the price, but again, BodyRock does a great job with free stuff.

  3. says

    Hi Katy! Thanks for checking it out! I am a member of the DailyBurn team and I want to emphasize that DailyBurn can actually replace your gym and your trainer for a low price per month. Plus, who wants to get up early an hoof it to the gym in the cold winter? Not me! The workouts are streaming and we release new workouts on an ongoing basis, so it’s actually better than a DVD set. You’ll never get bored.

    Also, our IntelliBurn technology learns more about you over time. When you go to youtube, you have to pick out a generic workout. The more you workout with us, the more we learn about you, and soon only workouts tailored to your goals will show up in your stream.

    Thanks everyone for checking out the product! Email me with any questions.

  4. says

    Great review! I’ll have to check out Theodora’s too. I actually use DailyBurn to track my calories and macros but I hadn’t checked out the new program yet. Might be worth a look even if it’s not worth $20 a month.

  5. Becky says

    Maybe the price has changed, because when I just checked, it is only $10.00 / month, and they have a special running for $5.00 per month right now if you pay for 1 year ($60.00). For all that is included, it seems like a really good deal to me.

  6. Cherie says

    After reading this blog, I switched to Daily Burn from… Now I have switched back!!!!

    I was sold on the Tracker, but the nutrition program just didn’t work for me and the full program is NOT part of the fee, you have to upgrade which comes at a higher premium.

    Went back to for the MUCH better variety of workouts and less CHEESE!… I could not listen to Daily Burns cheesy workouts… Sorrrrrrry, I like the English instructors better and the overall experience is just better, cheaper and easier to use. wins for me

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