New Tool Tuesday: MailChimp

No news is no news…today marks 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant and despite *lots* of activity from the BabyBug, I have not had any signs of real labor. Wish me luck!!!

I feel like an unofficial ambassador for MailChimp, since I’m pretty sure I have convinced at least a half-dozen people to try the email service over the last year or so. I use it for #Fitblog, we use it for Growing Bolder and Lucas now uses it for his work e-marketing, and with a few caveats, we ALL love it.

The best part? For many of you, MailChimp will be FREE. If you have between 0 and 2,000 subscribers, you do not pay a monthly fee and you get a whopping 12,000 “sends.” This is the plan I’m on for #Fitblog, and I send 4-6 emails a month.

The pricing also slides automatically, so if you start at a higher level and your list gets smaller, it will drop on your next bill. The MailChimp team is good people — I have worked with them on a few design issues before and they’ve always been super fast to respond.

The second best part of MailChimp? The amazing templates PLUS the ability to easily customize and save lots of different newsletter looks. The system is incredibly user-friendly, you can do advanced things like A/B campaigns, pull from RSS feeds and more. You can even schedule your newsletters, which I do all the time.

And the final thing that sets MailChimp apart in my mind? The extensive, easy-to-read reports. The second you send a campaign, you get updates on opens, clicks, shares and more. I love the graphs and ability to share those reports with others (a big deal if you are sending emails out on behalf of a client or for your company).

Like I said, I’m an unofficial ambassador, which means I get nothing for spreading the monkey love except a glow in my heart and the knowledge that some of you may now embrace e-marketing in a new way. :)

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    YES! I am so happy with Mail Chimp after you suggested I use it for my work about a year ago. The issues that I’ve had were resolved quickly and it really is easy to use and navigate. Thank You!

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