New Tool Tuesday:

One of the great sorrows in my life is that I have no artistic talent. I can’t draw, my attempts at painting and other crafts come out, well, crummy.

But I have such an appreciate for analytics and art — and with the new trend of infographics, I’m a happy, happy girl.

That’s why today’s New Tool Tuesday is all about: is a collection and showcase of digital info-graphics from all over the Web. You can contribute to it, browse by topic, share what you find and more.

For example, by browsing the categories and selecting “Lifestyle,” I was able to find out that mommy blogging is a booming business.

by via

Also, by browsing the “Pets” section, I found out that I’m not the only one that spends a small fortune on small animals.

by via

Each inforgraphic can be sorted by popularity, has embed and sharing tools and more.

PLUS you can even make your own infographic, just by connecting with Twitter:

You can’t tell me that’s not rad, right?

So, in addition to just being a cool thing to play with, I think this could be a really great addition to your blogs and the work that you do for your company. You can get quick stats, have artwork done professionally and available to share and more.

So, go run your own test on and send me one funny thing that the infographic says about you! Or, if you’re not on Twitter — tell me what tools you’ve discovered recently, and maybe I’ll feature them here!

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  1. says

    That IS fun! I’m going to wait until I get a bit “better” at twitter before posting a twitter me on my blog, but I really do love the idea. Thanks for sharing.

    (And just as an unrelated aside…I’m on a personal crusade to stop people from saying “I have no artistic talent”! I think that we ALL have artistic talent. We just have to give ourselves permission to create the way that we did when we were five years old. Keep experimenting until you find something that makes you happy!)

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