#Octoblog Goals

Hey…are you taking part in the #Octoblog Challenge? I’m really excited, especially after speaking at the incredible Florida Social Media and Blogging Conference. After my presentation (slides available here) I got to sit in on the other speakers who got my blogging juices flowing.

(I love my fellow planning team members!)

I am not quite done with my #Octoblog Challenge to-do list, but I have started to break it into sections (and I may leave some spots blank in case I need more than one day to complete some of the tasks):

My #Octoblog Goals

Google +

1. Edit existing profile
2. Come up with a plan for sharing regular posts
3. Look into communities


8. Clean up old pins
9. Organize/merge boards
10. Create more pinnable graphics (social media tips, etc.)

SEO and Blog Work

15. Add SEO to most popular posts
16. Pinnable images to most popular posts
17. Edit sidebar and add badges for press/speaking
18. New navbars for media kit
19. Work on editorial calendar
20. Create and start 10 targeted posts (social media tutorials) or work on bringing back old franchises
21. Add slider


22. Clean out blogs (be brutal!)
23. Add/edit a local blogs section (add #FLBlogCon13 attendees)
24. Subscribe to 15 new YouTube channels
25. Build/promote opt-in list (FeedBlitz?)


29. Clean up Google bookmarks!
30. Brainstorm blog ideas
31. List old posts that deserve some love

I’d also like to update my About Me page and do some general housecleaning, but I think this is a good start. I hope this gets you thinking about your own blog’s needs and join us for the Challenge!

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  1. says

    I’m somewhere between overwhelmed by how much there is to do, SO grateful for all the thought starters you have provided (I just copied and pasted every “homework” into one doc to read through tomorrow), and excited about the improvements that are coming! I’m super busy, so my daily goals will be small, but they’ll make a huge difference! Thanks again, Katy.

  2. says

    I couldn’t agree more with Megan, the idea of making major updates to my blog seems so overwhelming (and AMAZING), I hardly know where to start. I really do love these ideas/tips though and I’m definitely thinking about joining in on this nifty little challenge. Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Looking forward to this, but completely over whelmed by everything. Major goal is to learn what a SEO is & how I can make it work for my :) My list is flowing & I will be ready for Tuesday!!

  4. says

    I love these goals! I am making my own list and definitely jumping on the challenge for sure.

    Lately I have been obsessed over pinterest. I will be honest it’s because I noticed that a few short tweaks here and there you see results pretty quickly whether is more traffic, engagement, etc. A few useful tips that I found is taking the time to look at the boards and add rich keyword description (even in the board itself). Sort them out with pretty cover that is attractive. Then curate boards that not only you would love to browse but perhaps your ideal reader/friend too. Within a few hours literally I saw results. Needless to say I am spending more time on pinterest learning more about it and finding ways to grow my blog through that tool.

  5. says

    LOVE this! I have so much I want to get done an accomplished and really so much to learn! I am trying really hard to learn new things each day and really get working on helping my blog! I will get there! I love that you are doing this! Helps to refocus!

  6. says

    I admit that I am stealing a whole bunch of these and looking to the last list (and checking out your other blogging tips). I’ve really got the blogging bug again since blogging regularly and I want to use social media more! I’m good with instagram (linked to twitter and FB page) but I need to be more active on pinterest so that will be my focus for October: blog and pinterest


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