Oikos: The O and the K are Right

BIG UPDATE #2: It turns out that the people who originally contacted me about this sponsorship post think that my experience and your fantastic comments are great feedback for Dannon! Thanks so much for your honesty and ability to laugh at me — with me.

BIG UPDATE: So, here’s something funny…well, funny isn’t exactly the word I want to use, but it’s the most safe for work. It turns out that in an earlier version of this post, I reviewed the wrong product for what was to be a sponsored post. I was asked to review Dannon’s Oikos yogurt; I, in fact, reviewed Stonyfield’s Oikos yogurt.


In my defense (and I think I can build a good case), because the Dannon website says that its Oikos yogurt is marketed and distributed in connection with Stonyfield, and because all of the products are pictured together on the Dannon website, I thought that the Stonyfield version of Oikos was one of the products that I was asked to review. Turns out? Nuh uh. Same name, same branding — DIFFERENT product. Dannon Oikos is, essentially, a new yogurt (formerly called something else) while the Stonyfield Oikos yogurt is the same old thing. So Dannon really didn’t need me to review a product that it has no hand in making or marketing.


I’m leaving the review up because I still stand by the flavor and the product review, but wanted to clear some things up (I’m also making edits in the body of the post).


I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour conducted by Clever Girls on behalf of Dannon. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program but my opinions are my own.

For more information and recipe ideas, visit www.oikosyogurt.com or www.Facebook.com/oikos. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

I often call myself a CHO HO. I love Chobani greek yogurt, and it’s a must-get on the weekly grocery list.

But while I love the Chobani product, I’ve always loved the Stonyfield company. Stonyfield has supported the healthy living community since its infancy, has sponsored some of our biggest events, has taken bloggers on tours of their farms and truly, truly changed the way Americans look at organic and local foods (hello, Food Inc.?).

When Clever Girls contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing the new and improved Oikos greek yogurt, brought to stores through a Dannon/Stonyfield partnership, I said — “you know it!”  (Update: again, while I originally wrote this as part of a CCC project, my mistake meant that I did not review the correct product and this is now just a review of the Stonyfield Oikos flavor, NOT a Dannon yogurt.)

Oikos Review 026

I had the chance to try the Peach Mango flavor of Oikos at Healthy Living Summit and was a bit overwhelmed by the sweetness…and not in love with the consistency (it’s thinner than other greek yogurts). So when I saw my choices at the grocery store, I was pretty excited. Chocolate! Caramel! Honey! Honey Fig!

After much hemming and hawing, I chose two flavors: Honey Fig and Vanilla. This morning, I broke out the HF flavor and topped it with the Nuts About Granola Warrior Crunch, a special blend made just to raise money for Susan from The Great Balancing Act, who’s battling cancer.

Oikos Review 016

My first disappointment upon opening this Oikos turned out to be a good thing — I was bummed to see that there was much less yogurt than the packaging seemed to indicate. I don’t know if you can see from the picture, but there’s a big gap between the lip of the yogurt cup and the actual yogurt. But, it left me lots of room for pouring in the granola and having zero spillage.

Oikos Review 019Oikos Review 015Oikos Review 023

Plus, the lid (once licked) revealed a fun message that made me want to head to Greece. Like, now.

Oikos Review 018

The flavor lacked a little … something for me. Where I’d found the Peach Mango too sweet, I found this one a bit bitter (maybe it was the fig?), so I added a drop or two of stevia, which really helped the flavor in my mind.

Oikos Review 013

Because my tummy is very sensitive to dairy, I try and limit my intake, but greek yogurt is something I just won’t give up. There are so many good things that it does (aside from being delicious).

Oikos also has it ALL over Chobani for its organic ingredients, no additives, etc. I was really blown away when I held the two cups side by side.

Taste-wise, I still prefer the thickness of Chobani, and since I tend to get plain yogurt and add my own fruit, etc., I’m not that likely to purchase the flavored forms of Oikos on my own. But I will consider using the plain Oikos in my smoothies, for overnight oats, in place of sour cream, etc.

Your turn! Pick one:

1) Do you like greek yogurt, or do you think it’s the latest healthy eating fad?

2) How much do you consider the company or organization when buying products?

3) If you could create a greek yogurt flavor of your own, what would it be?

(FYI: If you want to learn more about my disclosure and sponsorship policies, please head here!)

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  1. says

    Hey, Katy. Very thorough review. :) But I have a question. Is this Stonyfield OIKOS or Dannon OIKOS? I know there are two versions… you have pictures of Stonyfield Organic OIKOS but used the facts from Dannon OIKOS. Are they different? Not trying to be a pill. :)

    • says

      Not a pill at all :) I think I need to dig a little deeper.

      According to this:


      “Dannon® and Stonyfield® have worked together to bring Oikos® Greek yogurt to more stores near you. The delicious, authentic Stonyfield Organic Oikos remains the same as it’s always been. The Dannon Greek you might have tried has now become Dannon Oikos, and keeps the same deliciously creamy recipe. Dannon Oikos has added new flavors, including Peach and Black Cherry, and a few more indulgent, higher-fat, traditional-blended flavors: Strawberry, Key Lime, and Raspberry. Plain and Vanilla varieties also are now available in new 32-oz containers. We’re excited about these changes and hope our new products and flavors are something you and your family enjoy.”

      BUT the FAQ page says:

      To be clear, Dannon is not making all of the Oikos products. Dannon and Stonyfield have worked together to bring Oikos Greek yogurt to more stores near you. The delicious, authentic Stonyfield Organic Oikos remains the same as it’s always been. The Dannon Greek you might have tried has now become Dannon Oikos, but it uses the same deliciously creamy recipe.

      So maybe I bought, accidentally, a Stonyfield Oikos, not a Dannon Oikos, thinking that they were one and the same?

      I’ll try and pin down some answers now :)

  2. says

    I prefer plain Greek yogurt. I used to eat a lot of yogurt but realized how much sugar was in it and stopped. I am so happy that Greek yogurts are trying to be healthier!

  3. says

    I am a fan of Greek yogurt, and I always go back to Fage plain, nonfat. It keeps me full, and I can mix in whatever I want. The flavored ones are always either too sweet or taste off to me, so I just stick with plain and usually add honey and granola.

  4. says

    That’s hilarious. I saw that new Dannon Oikos and was pretty confused myself–I will just stick to Chobani. They taste amazing and their customer service is excellent. I don’t always look at the company when I buy something, but in the case of Greek yogurt, Chobani has been so awesome to work with that I stand by them 100%. As far as flavors go, I always just eat plain and add my own mix ins… and I just sat here for 5 minutes thinking of a kind I would make, but every kind I thought of already exists. Sweeeet.

  5. says

    I adore Greek yogurt, and pretty much believe I’ll never eat regular yogurt again. As a person who rarely eats meat (maybe once or twice per month if that), I like the high protein content — especially since I don’t eat many beans and detest tofu. I love Chobani too, but the Dannon is good too. There’s a Dannon Greek in key lime that I just found this week. It’s AMAZING!!! Perfect dessert!

    I’d like to see a banana Greek yogurt.

  6. says

    I think that’s more the fault of the companies involved than yours. Personally, it sounds a bit fishy. One is organic and one presumably, is not. I also assume they are at different price points. I really think that it has to do with clarity, which they aren’t providing.

  7. says

    I won’t lie I was supppppper confused by this too when I met the Dannon Oikos people at BlogHer. I was like time out, how is your yogurt Oikos when Stonyfield has been all over that forever.

    I think the main difference is Stonyfield’s is organic and the Dannon isn’t, right?

    I’m just confused and think this is a case of terrible marketing.

  8. says

    I feel like I’m alone in my viewpoint, but I don’t like Greek yogurt. I use it for cooking (it’s great for binding bison burgers or making a coating stick to oven-baked chicken), but every time I try to eat it, I’m grossed out. I’ve tried several brands and flavors – didn’t even like chocolate! Oh well, I’ll stick to my Activia.

  9. says

    That’s kind of funny about the mix up. Here’s why I’m so jealous- you CAN mix up your greek yogurts. We have one…yes ONE brand of greek yogurt in Canada. Sure, it is good, but they have a market monopoly and that means it pretty much never goes on sale (but at least it is available for a bit of a discount at Costco).

    If I could add a flavour to what is currently available (plain, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, fig) it would be lemon. I love lemon yogurt!

  10. says

    Between the Stonyfield webinar I was in on last month and Dannon’s booth at BlogHer, I finally got the whole deal straight. Group Danone has some sort of partnership with Stonyfield Farm. where they share certain brand names, like Oikos and Activia. The Stonyfield Farm line is organic, while the Dannon line is conventional. Both companies now have an Oikos Greek yogurt and an Activia probiotic yogurt. Dannon used to have a Dannon Greek yogurt but renamed it Oikos. (Just had one while reading your post.)

  11. says

    Eh, shit happens. Is that a bad response? haha. It’s an easy mistake to make and I’m sure the flavors are really similiar, right? I stick with fage, the same ol stuff i’ve been eating for years. But i love your addition of the warrior crunch to it!

  12. says

    I do love greek yogurt but I love plain yogurt so I tend to just buy stonyfield whole milk plain yogurt since greek is much more expensive. I really can’t stand flavored yogurts anymore, my taste buds really reject it.

  13. says

    Hopefully the company learns from this — seems silly to launch a new product with the same name as another, very similar product. Of course people are going to get the two confused.

  14. says

    I definitely don’t think Greek yogurt is just a fad. Other types of yogurt have SO much sugar in – they are comparable to ice cream, just packaged as a “healthy” option. Unfortunately, in Australia I’ve only ever seen ONE flavored Greek yogurt, and that was just with honey, which I can do all by myself at home! I would question how much sugar is in the flavored ones – you should not be having more than 7-8 grams per 100 grams.

  15. says

    I am a big fan of Greek yogurt, but the pricing makes it a bit out of my budget. I buy quarts of Stonyfield Lowfat Plain yogurt instead. It doesn’t have the same protein content, but it still provides some protein, a good bit of calcium, and good bacteria. I didn’t used to like plain yogurt, and I still sometimes buy some flavored yogurt, but I like how refreshing the plain is!

  16. says

    Honestly, I’m not a very big fan of yogurt. I can down *maybe* two single serving containers in a week…but then I’ve never really branched out. Maybe I should give all these fancy new names a shot?

  17. says

    Mmmm…I am a Greek yogurt lover…pineapple, cherry, lemon, vanilla…yum! I usually buy Chobani, because I know the flavors and am comfortable with them, but I can keep an open mind!

  18. SapphireSiren says

    Just wanted to add my own two cents on this mix-up. I originally started eating Yoplait Greek yogurt from my nearby Walmart this year because that’s all they carried, that and the Dannon Oikos. Then they started branching out and getting Chobani, which I’ve recently tried (DAMN that addicting apple cinnamon.).

    I started off on Dannon Oikos recently and enjoy that. I really don’t notice a difference in any of those three brands, to be honest. They all taste about the same to me, so I get the Dannon vanilla 32 oz pack (because I can’t stand plain Greek) to add my own fruit to and Chobani for their different flavors, because Dannon and Yoplait only have strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla flavors (and honey for Yoplait) at my store.

    Now, when I went to my local Publix to get a single-serve cup for my grandmother to try, I grabbed Oikos. I THOUGHT it was Dannon, but boy was I wrong. Publix only carried Stonyfield’s Oikos. To me, Stonyfield’s Oikos tastes like crap compared to Dannon. I like Greek yogurt for the thickness, and Stonyfield tastes like regular yogurt to me, which I don’t care for. I don’t care about organic too much, and the fact that they have the same name ticked me off since it’s so easy to get confused and get crap yogurt (especially for a higher price since it’s “organic”) over the good stuff.

    And when I went back to Walmart, they started carrying Stonyfield. I compared the logos and found that the fonts matched perfectly, and I was about ready to call up Stonyfield and say they ripped off Dannon and that Dannon should sue. Well, I did more research, and I hadn’t realized that Stonyfield had been around first and called Oikos originally, nor that Stonyfield and Dannon had a partnership going.

    Seriously, Dannon? You put Oikos and Activia on two separate yogurts? I understand your reasoning, trying to make Stonyfield more recognized since your yogurt lines are more recognizable, but it’s confusing as hell to customers. That’ll teach me to read the full label first.

    TL;DR: The reviewer wasn’t the only confused customer. I did the exact same thing.

    • says

      Ugh — I hate that you had the same experience but I’m glad I’m not crazy!

      Ever since the mix-up I have been looking for the other brand and still haven’t seen it.

  19. Artemis says

    OIkos is not really Greek. In their commercials they do not even pronounce it right! It’s pronounced Eee-kos.., NOT OY-kos!! It means house or the home in Greek. Dannon is not Greek. Stonyfield is not Greek. Yoplait is not Greek! Chobani is not even Greek! He’s a Turk that loved Fage and decided to capitalize on it here in America. FAGE is the original! They brought here to the USA from Greece and they are the best. They have been making it since the 1920’s in Greece. I can’t understand how anyone buys any other so called “Greek” or strained yogurt. Also, the plain is the way to go. Not flavored with sugars and syrups! Plain Fage Total 0% or 2% and add your own fruit or nuts or honey or maple syrup. Can’t go wrong! Wanna eat Greek yogurt then eat what they eat in Greece. Fage! Seriously.

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