Thank You, Jerk in College

Thank You

During a weekend run, I wrote a letter to a college bully and decided to forgive his terrible behavior. Because hurt people hurt people.

I Want to Help You Help Me Help You


I love helping people fix issues with their websites, but it often takes a while to dig into the problem. Here are four things you can include from the start to save some time.

How to Save a Life

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 12.59.37 PM

I hope I never have to use my new skills, but if an emergency arises, I feel much better about my ability to help save a life.

Not Just One Day for Remembrance: A Trip to Dark Elegy


I recently shared a post about the Lockerbie Bombings 25th anniversary and received dozens of emails in response. One of them, Lauren D’Angelo, shared with me an essay that she wrote about “Dark Elegy,” a memorial sculpture created by the mother of one of the students killed in the bombings.

How to Learn From the Philly Food Blogger Uproar

By now, you’ve heard about the Philadelphia food blogger who wrote an exclamation point-filled email to several restaurants offering them an “exciting opportunity” to be a “host restaurant” for a “VERY innovative and effective way” to promote their establishments, on a “first come, first serve” basis. There is SO SO SO MUCH BAD here that it would be easy to write off all bloggers as moochers…but I think there is a lesson to be learned, if you can just get through the aforementioned SO SO SO MUCH BAD.

The New Tool That Makes Me Feel All Chef-fy

(DISCLOSURE: this post is part of a compensated project I’m doing with Cook Smarts. I was provided a subscription to the website and compensated for this review, but the opinions shared here are 100% honest and absolutely my own. PLEASE SEE MY DISCLOSURE POLICY FOR MORE.) I am not a food blogger. I am not a food maker, [...]

Giving Thanks for a 5K PR


I am so proud that I put in the work before the race and the guts the day of to run my little heart out and PR at the Women’s Running Series 5K in St. Petersburg, Florida. (DISCLOSURE: I was a sponsored athlete.) Plus, it turned out to be an amazing staycation, too!

Are You in The (Polar) Loop?

Polar Picture

This is a sponsored post via Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Polar. The Loop is my favorite new health and fitness gadget and after just a week of wearing it 24 hours a day, it’s something I can’t leave home without.