Ready or Not, Here I Run

Thank you so, so very much for your kind words about my 5-year wedding anniversary. It was such a deliciously wonderful experience to look back at that day — from the single tear I had to wipe away when I first saw Lucas to the hysterical shots of my parents movin’ and groovin’ on the dance floor, I really enjoyed looking at where we’ve been and thinking about where we’re going.

It’s funny, too — Lucas texted me at about 8:30am yesterday, sad that nobody had commented on the post. “Do they not love us?,” he asked. I answered: “Just wait.” You came through, commenters…and I love you for it.

For your viewing pleasure … a few bonus photos from that day. And yes, that is my darling husband grabbing my lovely mother’s butt.






Ready or Not, Here I Run

12 weeks seems like such a long time.

12 weeks have come and gone.

Tomorrow, I will be rocking my third half marathon (Iron Girl Clearwater), so today, I’m headed down to see some of my best blogging buddies and get ready to run!

Ready is not exactly what I’m feeling. I’m a bit undertrained, overwhelmed and nervous. It’s been more than a year since I ran this distance (recaps: OUC Half Marathon, Disney Half Marathon), although I did smash my expectations at a 2-mile + 10K race just 2 weeks ago.

To try and get psyched up, I thought I’d take a journey back through some of my most epic running posts — and it really helped!





2009 was my year, huh? It’s nice to be back in running shape, and I’ve made a conscious decision to JUST ENJOY whatever happens tomorrow. Running crazy fast and PRing? Cool. Walking every couple of miles and taking photos? Also cool. I am not setting any time goals, and my only real plan is to give it everything I have, and finish with a smile.

In fact, I’ll be making lemonade, half marathon-style, as I did a year and a half ago in this post.

BTW — my boss put this Iron Girl ad up behind my desk months ago. Hard to believe it’s finally time to head to the beach! (P.S. I’ll be wearing that pink shirt with my name on the back, so if you see me, PLEASE come say hi!!!!! And you can follow me on Twitter: @kwidrick)

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  1. says

    Good luck! I did an Iron Girl event last fall and loved it. Whether you decide to run crazy fast or walk and take a few photos along the way, enjoy every minute of it.

  2. gina (fitnessista) says

    good luck lovely friend!
    the wedding pics melted my heart.. happy belated anniversary <3
    LOVE your nail polish in that last photo :)
    so i had a dream last night we were at a DT event, as usual, shenanigans occurred. we even went into a haunted house haha.
    love you

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