I am a #Runner

Are you a runner? I am.

No, really: I AM A RUNNER.

It’s still hard after all these years to say it and believe it. The self-doubt creeps in. I think — but I’m not fast enough! I don’t run far enough! I haven’t done enough races!

But John Bingham’s quote about running really resonates with me:

If You Run

And as I’ve been telling my Yardstick attendees — affirmations are powerful. The more you say it, the more you believe it. The more you believe it, the more confident you’ll be.

I have so many runners and bloggers that I look to for inspiration and motivation, and one of them is Pavement Runner. He’s one of those people who just always seems…enthusiastic. Supportive. Interested in making a difference.

So when I saw he was opening a new online shop, I ran (pun not intended but appropriate) over to learn more. After hemming and hawing over which shirt I wanted (I get so many comments on my “I Run This Body” shirt from Mile Posts that I knew this would just be a perfect addition to my collection), I started to check out — and an email appeared in my inbox.

“Would you like to work with me on a giveaway?” –Pavement Runner

“YES, YES, YES!” –Me

So, here’s the good news: I actually have TWO shirts to give away — one each to two winners, their choice of color, size and style* — one donated by Pavement Runner and one donated by me.

1) You must subscribe to Pavement Runner’s mailing list — it’s a good one and I think you’ll like what you receive, but even if you don’t, you can unsubscribe later (but it is required for entry).

2) You can receive extra entries for commenting on this post, following me or following PavementRunner on Twitter.

3) Entries MUST be submitted through the Rafflecopter widget below (if you have any trouble, please let me know).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will close at 11:59 p.m. ET on November 2.
*the RunHundred collection is NOT included in winner options.

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  1. Kelsey Stadtherr says

    I love funny hashtags and I use them when I am searching on twitter, but I don’t really use them myself because I don’t really know how…

  2. says

    Working at a running store I have a lot of new to running runners ask me when they officially become a runner… I always say, “Do you run? Are you out there running?” They reply yes, and I say, “Then you’re already a runner and doing great!” I don’t think there is any defined line of when someone is a runner or not! We’re all runners in one way or another!!!

  3. says

    LOVE his shirts! I’m so excited to get one (yes, I already ordered one!) As for hashtags – it depends on the day. I like the descriptive ones, but not the ones that go on and on forever (or when you use a zillion of them in one post).

  4. says

    oh and I don’t mind hashtags on Twitter. On Facebook or if its just random stuff then it annoys me

    For example: #cantwaittogetoutofworktogettoCrossFittoday is annoying

  5. says

    I like and dislike hashtags. I think it’s somewhat annoying when used in avenues where they aren’t functional, but then sometimes they can serve as an interesting aside to a statement when used in that context. I think it’s a good indicator of the popularity of Twitter, though!

  6. Tracy says

    I love this quote from John Bingham. Before I ran my first half marathon, my running buddy gave me this quote on a laminated card. I keep it on my desk to remind me of this, even when I’m fighting injury or have a bad run.

    And I kinda like hashtags!

  7. MB says

    Love the shirts, but it drives me batty when stuff like this isn’t available in larger women’s sizes (especially when the size chart includes XXL), forcing me to order a men’s cut if I want it at all.

  8. says

    I actually have a love/hate relationship with hashtags. I love that they can help connect you to topics of interest. I love funny ones that people come up with out of the blue. I hate seeing posts (especially on instagram because there is not character limit) that has about 50 hashtags attached.

  9. says

    I love hashtags, but I don’t like it when people overuse them in their actual conversations, I overheard two girls talking at last weeks hockey game and they were like hashtag this and hashtag that.

  10. Jenny says

    I love his shirts! I’m so glad that he decided to do this, I am ordering one this week! I would love to win one though! On the hashtag front, I like them, if they are used properly. But it seems like I don’t use them properly, so I usually don’t. I know, it doesn’t really make any sense, but in my mind it does!

  11. Laura says

    I think hashtags are fun as long as you use them correctly. Many people overdo things with too many hashtags. So I say go for those hashtags. #hashtaglove #pavementrunner #runner #kwidrick

  12. says

    I like funny hashtags or serious ones if there is one or two. I get turned off when I see a whole bunch because it screams self promotion to me (whether that was the intent or not). Would love a new running shirt!!

  13. Amanda Kellerson says

    Have found so many great people/runners/athletes to follow this week! Thanks for being inspirational!! (And connected!)

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