I had a blog post all written full of funny, sappy advice on making it through seven years of marriage, as I have today.

It was a list of things to look for (someone who will love your pets like children, someone who will pull your hair into a ponytail when you find yourself covered in baby spit-up) and things to appreciate (someone who will act silly just to make you laugh, someone who will watch chick flicks even though he’d prefer an old Jean Claude Van Damme movie).

But really, I think that if my experience is anything to learn from, the real rule is:

Find someone who you not just want to talk to every day — you need to. Find the person that will not just tolerate your flaws but love them because they make you you. Find someone who gives you space when you need it. A person that holds his kids above everything else. A guy/girl who is the first one you run to on good days and bad.

I found mine, and while we work hard every single day, I love him more now than I did on April 8, 2006…and I sure loved him a lot then.

I’ve posted about us in the past:

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    Congrats on seven years! I just celebrated 20 years with my husband and I think you give really good advise. Sometimes I even think…oh, I shouldn’t tell him that, he already has enough on his mind. But I can’t help but want to tell him stuff. I like the way you put it.

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