Sixty’ll Get You Forty

This week, I spent 60 minutes — ONCE — doing something that probably gets me 40 minutes back — DAILY.

I unsubscribed.

Not from blogs this time (although I am pretty aggressive with that: “5 Reasons I Unsubscribe From Your Blogs“), but from newsletters and e-crap. - I don't know when or how to stop an email thread

“E-crap???,” my fellow marketers are probably screaming right now. I understand your pain! Our company uses and relies on newsletter and other direct marketing communications to stay in touch with members, fans, viewers, clients and more. I love newsletters. Making them. Reading them. Analyzing bounce rates and A/B splits (be still, my heart).

But I find myself subscribed to things that are no longer relevant, that came with some other signup process, that I got illegally dumped into, etc. And even when I don’t read them, I have to delete them every day, which takes time.

So I took an hour after work this week and painstakingly unsubscribed from everything I don’t get excited to open on a given day. (I’m looking at you, Amazon Daily Deals and Old Navy.) It was annoying. Repetitive. I cursed.

Many of the newsletters were redundant — I like the brand on Facebook or follow on Twitter, and I get the same information in my newsfeeds. Some were for events that I previously took part in and are now marketing to other cities, where I won’t be traveling. You get the idea.

Totally worth the investment of my hour. I’m already noticing a major difference in the time it takes me to do a first pass through email in the morning!

Not the most inventive or groundbreaking recommendations I’ve ever given, but I thought this might be the jumpstart some of you need to do a little inbox cleanup!

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  1. says

    I did the same thing a few weeks ago! It is amazing how much more I enjoy my email as I feel like it’s actually email and not junk mail. It has also helped limit the amount of shopping temptation I have each day!

  2. says

    Man, I always THINK I need that Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret email, but I so don’t. I guess when you want to buy something you can always search online for a coupon code (which is why I use them), right?
    So about that blog unsubscribing thing. It makes me feel so guilty! I think I have pity reads, when there are actually about 10-15 blogs I read most of the time. And 50 others that are just there. I don’t know how to stop the madness!

  3. says

    Anytime I feel the need to just hit delete…I look for the unsubscribe button instead. No reason to keep getting it! And right before I read the post this morning I unsubscribed to 2 more emails. They never stop!

  4. says

    Yes! I am a big unsubscriber! I think Godiva sends me an email every frickin day, and who needs that temptation first thing every morning?

  5. says

    Hah, I just posted on this a week ago. It took forever for me to unsubscribe to all those emails, but after a couple weeks of doing it, you find that you really do only get emails you want. Amazing!

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