Sleepless in Seattle: 2010 Vacation

This is going to be one of those posts — long, full of pictures, and maybe only interesting to me. But that’s the beauty of blogging … it helps capture a moment (or a week of moments) in time, making it easy to look back and reminisce.

Saturday 129

Lucas and I have just returned from a week in Seattle, highlighted by:

  • COPIOUS amounts of craft beer and coffee
  • Amazing vegetarian and vegan meals
  • Beautiful (cool!) weather
  • A family reunion and wedding
  • Time across the border, eh?
  • Lots and lots and lots of working out — on purpose and not

And it would be a mistake to share my adventures without shouting out to our friends Jeff and Maureen for hosting us, feeding us and being our tour guides, as well as my Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve who not only planned and executed a gorgeous wedding under difficult circumstances, but had dozens of my family members stay at their house for a week!

I’m breaking it down by day and forcing myself to only include a few pictures from each adventure. I have nearly 500 from the trip!

**One note: We did a lot of drinking, and a lot of driving…but NEVER EVER EVER together. We arranged for rotating designated drivers. It’s really important to me that that’s clear. So you judge only on my drunk-induced tomfoolery, and nothing more serious.

Friday: Travel, Epic Ales Brewery, International Beer Festival, Thai Food

We traveled very early in the day — stopping in Salt Lake City before arriving in Seattle. We grabbed our rental car and headed to Epic Ales, a really amazing little place, run by a guy who took his homebrewing hobby to a real business. Cody — thanks for all your patience! After Epic, we headed to downtown Seattle, right under the Space Needle, for a beer festival featuring hundreds of craft beers. We ended the night with some spicy and fabulous thai food!

Friday 01Coffee (local to Salt Lake City) on the layover

Friday 05His choice of refreshment: Epic Ales

Friday 17Cody from Epic Ales — patient brewer!

Friday 23Parks like this are everywhere in Seattle!

Friday 36More beer — this time at the festival

Friday 47Spicy goodness at Thai Tom near the U of WA

Saturday: Bavarian Village, Wine Tasting, Beach

We got up early on what turned out to be a very long, very fun day (and culminated with me passed out on the floor).We started with a drive about two hours north, to a town called Leavenworth — a Bavarian-style village that’s a huge tourist attraction. We found vegan bratwursts, cats on leashes and more. After lunch and lots of walking around, we headed back through the mountains and to Woodinville, home to several wineries and a brewery. That’s where things get hazy…although I did have enough energy once we were back in Seattle to head to the beach and watch the sunset.

Saturday 008Beautiful Leavenworth

Saturday 014Surprisingly delicious vegan bratwurst: before

Saturday 017Vegan brat smothered in mustard and toppings: after

Saturday 019Cat on a leash

Saturday 028We felt wilkommen

Saturday 052Back on the road

Saturday 058Americanos for all! I thought this was pretty unique until I discovered that there are drive-in espresso huts every mile

Saturday 070Winery #1

Saturday 068Lots of tastings=happy Katy

Saturday 076Red Hook Brewery

Saturday 105Winery #2

Saturday 112Finally home, time to crack open a few of those Epic Ales!

Saturday 135It turns out, we were closer to the beach in Seattle than we are in Florida

Saturday 143

Saturday 108Appropriate end to a wonderful day

Sunday: Family reunion/Wedding

On Sunday, Lucas and I jumped in the car and headed an hour away to Snoqualmie, where my aunt and uncle have a gorgeous farm. My cousin Grace was to wed her fabulous fiance Kristofer, so we arrived early to help with setup and see my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and more. The day was cloudy but dry — until 30 minutes before the ceremony was set to begin. That’s when Mother Nature threw the wedding party a wet curveball, sending rain and chilly winds! Unfortunately, that meant moving the ceremony under a tent, but it turned out to be a very special, very emotional night filled with food, friends and dancing (“when I say barn, you say house!”).

Sunday 09Flowers bought at Pike Place Market

Sunday 10Crafty bride

Sunday 28They composted most of the scraps!

Sunday 38

Sunday 53

Cousins getting ready

Sunday 49Cake!

Sunday 56Homemade favors

Sunday 57Wet and cold but happy

Sunday 60“I do — I really, really do!”

Sunday 62

Sunday 64The mid-summer pole goes up

Monday: Vegan doughnuts, Vancouver

Any day that starts with vegan, organic doughnuts from Mighty-O Donuts is a good one. Any day that includes a trip across the border is a good one. This was a good one.

Monday 02So delicious

Monday 04

Monday 15All the buildings in Vancouver look the same!

Monday 37Mountains and water — can’t beat the view!

Monday 44So cool

Monday 47A tasting round

Monday 57

Monday 59Fun at the market

Monday 65We made it back across the border!

Tuesday: Pike Place Market (Piroshky Piroshky!)

What’s a trip to Seattle without a visit to the Market? Specifically, a stop at Piroshky Piroshky.

Tuesday 06Quite a view from the piers

Tuesday 12

Tuesday 16The anticipation builds…

Tuesday 14

Tuesday 19

Tuesday 24Made with coffee grounds and cinnamon

Tuesday 17

Tuesday 20

Tuesday 22Finally — time to eat!

Tuesday 23

Wednesday: Bike Ride, Gasworks Park, Veggie Burgers, House Hunting

Our last day! So sad…we decided to embrace the gorgeous Seattle weather and go on a bike ride. First, we headed to Gasworks Park for a brilliant view of the city. Then, we went to Fremont for a tour of Theo’s Chocolate — fair trade, organic and DELICIOUS! We followed that with the second-best veggie burgers I’ve ever had at Lunchbox Laboratory. Finally, we headed home and walked around our friends’ neighborhood for a little house hunting. No, we’re not moving, but it never hurts to look, right? Gorgeous gardens galore.

Wednesday 07

Wednesday 08

Wednesday 15Ready for our tour and tastings!

Wednesday 13

Wednesday 34

Wednesday 49So many options…

Wednesday 51

Wednesday 56Can you tell we liked our lunches?

Wednesday 57

Wednesday 58

And there you have it — a week in Seattle, summed up in pictures. The only thing you didn’t see was the crazy amount of working out I did — from runs to yoga to bootcamp and bike rides. I also ate and ate and ate.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll see why Seattle is on the (very) short list of cities I’d love to call home. It’s homey and friendly, committed to health and wellness and still a big city, with all that means. We had an amazing vacation, and I think we’ll be recovering for quite a while!

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  1. says

    Love, Love, LOVE this post. You seem to like to kiss your beverages before you drink them. That cake is beautiful and so are those vegan donuts. Glad you had an awesome trip. Every vacation blog recap should look like this. :-)

    • says

      I like to kiss beverages that bring me pleasure — especially those of the caffeinated and alcoholic varieties. :)

      Thanks for your sweet comment about the recap…it made my day!

    • says

      Jessie, I love Seattle…I’d move in a heartbeat. And I haven’t looked up any recipes, but my aunt says almost all donuts are vegan…who knew?

    • says

      Awwww, I hope you get to go someday! There are so many great restaurants, and the vegan/raw/gluten-free/etc. communities are huge and welcoming.

  2. says

    Yeah the PCNW…it’s the best place on earth. I haven’t been around Seattle (shame, since I lived in OR). However, I know that the PNW is honestly the salt of the earth. I hope that you and Lucas are able to move there are some point in your life. I even love SLC, I just love the scenery. Now…you must head to Portland :)

  3. says

    Looks like you went to so many great spots!! Don’t you love how you can find vegan bratwurst in random spots? They would never happen here! I haven’t been to the beach there yet, and I cannot WAIT to see it!

  4. says

    Wow, it looks like you were able to get a ton of tourist activities done on your trip to Seattle! I’ve heard there is so much to do and see there, it is sometimes difficult to decide just what to do first!

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