Social Media: I’m a Believer

Note: I love all things social media — especially because of the friendships (blendships?) and connections I’ve been able to make. One person I’m so thrilled to know is Cynthia, so when she offered to write a guest post about her love of social media, I jumped at the chance!

Please take a moment to read her story (it makes me feel better that she, too, had AIM in college — although it was brand new when I used it, and Facebook was a million years away) and visit her blog.


Hi I’m Cynthia from It All Changes.

I’m not Davy Jones from The Monkees, but I’m a believer…a social media believer that is.  I haven’t always been this way.

In my youth electronics were king.  My dad was a network tech so we were always beta-testing something. Of course this means our computers were constantly crashing, so I only played games and wrote school papers.

In college AOL IM was a necessity so I caved and signed up.  Who wouldn’t want to message a friend down the hall to grab truck stop chili or my boyfriend across the country just to say “I love you”?  Quite frankly I usually preferred the phone and left my away messages up for days.  I was “in class” at 2AM on Saturday. 😀   Silly me.

Post college I had little use for the internet…and honestly little cash.  I checked emails and my pitiful bank balances or did online shopping at work before my homeroom students arrived.  On summer vacation I occasionally wandered to the library for computers, but more likely for a book.  I gasp thinking of this now.

MySpace entered my life when a friend convinced me it was great for keeping in touch across the country.  I joined, added some friends, and grew bored quickly.  I checked my profile so infrequently I missed a message from a friend for my address so he could send a wedding invitation.  Two months later he called my cell phone…the old fashioned way.  Oops.  😉

By 2006 I had reached the end of the internet except for an occasional message board and basic email.  My friends wouldn’t give up…they kept at me until I joined Facebook begrudgingly.  I had just moved – again –  making it a great way to keep up with the friends I’d left behind.  It prevented me from losing track like I had in the past.  Okay I might give this social media thing a try.

Eventually friends from across the world-wide web recommended I start a blog based on my weight loss and healthy living.  Oh no…here we go again. Pictures, food and what the heck is almond butter?! I read blogs for months and started It All Changes as an escape from work life.

I still REFUSED to join Twitter!  No need to give or read a play-by-play in 140 characters or less.  I didn’t have time.  No I can’t do it!  Eventually I caved to “just try it out.”

It gave me something to do on boring days in the office and I was giddy the first time a “big” blogger tweeted me back. 😀

Now I’m hooked!  I have conversations with the great blends I’ve made when my office is quiet.  Or sneak-a-tweet when I’m going to pull my hair out from crazy work days.  Some blends have turned into full-fledged friends…near and far.

From true social media skeptic to full-on believer…I’m Cynthia and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

What turned you into a social media believer?

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  1. says

    It’s funny how we all eventually come around. or at least most of us. I didn’t get a cell phone until maybe 5 or 6 years ago, now I have an iPhone. And I still use AIM and a couple other messengers, but I’ve moved too much not to. I’ve met some of my best friends through the Internets.

  2. says

    Well I am clearly older than you since we did not even have internet or PCs when I was in college! I because a believer before my own son went away to school a couple of years ago. I discovered that I could catch glimpses of his life on facebook. That is how it began. Now twitter… yeah I did not “get that” for a long time. I am only now really figuring it out and having fun on there.

  3. says

    I was required to join Facebook as part of a communications class in college. It was a brand-new site then and we had many discussions about this new “social media” idea. Now, (many years later!) I am so thankful for Facebook that allows me to keep in touch with friends all over the country. I get to watch their kids grow up, see them get married, and go through great losses and success. Facebook is awesome to use for business now, but it will always be for me the way I keep in touch with the people I love!

  4. says

    Coming from someone who thought social media was not a good idea for my life for naive reasons…I love what it brings to me: connection.

    New connections, old connections and the chance to reach out to more people than ever possible!

  5. says

    I’ve meet some amazing people through Blogging and Twitter, it’s quite amazing! I’ll be moving to Texas in a few months, and hope to keep up more with my friends from home using Facebook!

  6. says

    I too love social media and am so addicted to twitter. But I can’t convince any of my real-life friends to join twitter! I have ONE IRL friend on twitter. It’s ridiculous. I’ve plead the twitter case multiple times to my facebook friends, but no-go. I must admit it took me several months to really figure out how to use twitter and feel like I was part of a community (or to find the community I wanted to be a part of). Maybe it’s because I’m 41 and most of my friends are around the same age…just dubious of something new? I really wish I have more IRL friends on twitter. But I am so grateful for all the virtual friends I have made.

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