Stuff So Nice I Bought It Twice

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I have not been this excited to write a review post in a long time. I was offered the chance to try out some of Old Navy’s Active wear line and thought I’d like it.

I love it.

Old Navy Campaign

***I love the line so much that at the bottom of my post, you can enter to win an Old Navy gift card and buy your own goodies — while this review is sponsored, the giveaway is not. I’m so excited about what I got that I wanted to dip into my own pocket and give you a chance to try it too!***

2012 was an interesting year for fitness in my life. I got pregnant in January, stayed very active until about 37 weeks pregnant and then spent the last quarter of the year either gearing up for baby, delivering a baby, or recovering from delivering a baby.

CFL BlogCon 2012

In 2013, my goal is to keep fitness and workouts a major part of my life, not only because it truly makes me feel better about myself, but because I want my daughter to grow up knowing how important it is to be active and find something that is a passion.

So the week of Christmas, I went through all of my old gear — the stinky race shirts and stretched out yoga pants — and got rid of anything that didn’t make me feel awesome. I wanted to only have items that I was excited to wear and that inspired me to sweat.

And that left me with only a few items. Yikes.

Enter: Old Navy’s Active line.

I knew that the Active gear was 40% off in stores and online, so I headed over to our closest Old Navy and took — no exaggeration — 25 items into the fitting room. Some I ruled out right away:

Old Navy Campaign

(The compression pants were super comfortable and I almost bought them, but there were so many other things that I liked better, so I put them back. The shirts would be amazing on smaller-chested women, especially for yoga, but not for me.)

Some I liked so much that I bought more than one!

Old Navy Campaign

I came home with two pair of running shorts, two pair of shoes, one pullover with thumb holes (and I think I am going to go back for a second one in purple) and one zip-up with thumb holes.

Old Navy Campaign

Here are my favorites from the bunch:

I hesitated to even try these on because I don’t normally like running shorts. They ride up, chafe, don’t wick away sweat well. But in my store, I snagged them for $6 each, and they’re long enough that I don’t feel exposed.

Old Navy Campaign

They also have a cool little pocket inside the waistband. Not big enough for a phone, but perfect for a house key or pack of Gu.

Old Navy Campaign

I wanted to make sure that they weren’t going to fall the way of my other running shorts, so I took them out on my longest post-baby run. Success! No chafing, no riding up and even though it was 86 degrees and they were soaked when I came home, they didn’t look wet at all. (The shirt is an old Gap racerback — I didn’t get it in this Old Navy haul.)

Old Navy Campaign

I bought blue and pink and just a quick note — these run just a SMIDGE big.

Old Navy Campaign

  • PULLOVER AND ZIP-UP (online here and here)

Two words: Thumb Holes.

Old Navy Campaign

The design of these two items is very much like another brand I won’t name, except for the price — I got the pullover for $15 and the jacket for $25. My favorite part of the pullover is that it looks fancy enough that I can wear it to my business casual office.

Old Navy Campaign

And the jacket has the most fabulous seaming and structure.

Old Navy Campaign

Old Navy Campaign

The jacket has pockets, too, so I think this is going to be my new go-to layering piece for chilly days in Florida (they’re few and far between but we do get them!).

I squealed when I saw these and now that I look at the pictures, I wish I had also bought them in black (they didn’t have the purple ones in my size but they do online…). They are that awesome.

I would not wear these for running, but they’re going to be perfect for Dance Trance and the new TurboFire set that I bought. They’re extremely flexible and soft and look pretty stunning with workout pants and jeans. Seriously, I am in love with these shoes. Bought them for $9 and $12, respectively.

Old Navy Campaign

Old Navy Campaign

Old Navy Campaign

A few notes about the line — it’s very colorful. That’s part of the reason I love it so much, but if the stuff you see here is too loud or bold, they do have more muted items, especially in the pants (lots of black and charcoal options). In my experience, the shorts run big, the shirts run true-to-size and the shoes run small (they fit perfectly without socks but might be tight with — I go sockless at Dance Trance).

Also, a MAJOR note: everything was cheaper in the store than online. But the sale ends on the 16th, so you’ll have to hit it soon.

I’m so excited about the Active line by Old Navy that I decided to purchase a $20 gift card for one reader — the above post was sponsored, but this card giveaway is NOT from Old Navy — it is from my own pocket, and it’s easy to enter! See the embedded tool below:

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  1. says

    I have last year’s version of the running jacket with the thumb holes and love it. I may pick up a new one and a pair of sneakers. The sneakers are just the right price for a pair of sneakers that you leave under your desk at work.

  2. says

    Shorts that don’t ride up?! Sounds too good to be true?

    Also, how did so many bloggers get to do this Old Navy sponsored thing? Is it part of Glam Media?

  3. says

    Love this post — I have seen a few of these reviews around the blogosphere, but yours is the most genuine, by far. As far as workout gear goes — I prefer muted colors… black, blue, neutrals. I like to blend in :)

  4. says

    Dream come true! My favorite (re: only) pair of sneakers has developed a toe hole, and I decided it’s time to plunge into a brighter (re: NEON IF I CAN HELP IT) pair of shoes. After all, my sports bras are neon, my Camelbak is nearly neon, my new iPhone case is neon (and sparkly)…I think I’ve reverted to middle school, and I think I like it.

  5. says

    I entered the giveaway and had a hard time leaving a comment there, but want to stop by here and say thanks! And I love loud workout clothes (except for the bottoms, that I always prefer black bc it makes the badangandans look smaller…)

    • says

      Oh no! Rafflecopter was funky this morning so I pinged them to let them know. Were you able to get it in? I want you to get all your entries! :)

  6. says

    I prefer bright tops and muted bottoms. I pretty much only wear black, grey, or brown pants/shorts but I LOVE bright colored tops – especially pink and yellow!

  7. says

    I always use black on the bottom, but I prefer bold workout gear for tops because it helps get me motivated to get moving! Usually getting dressed is half the battle of getting to the gym :)

  8. Genevieve Jimenez says

    I LOVE how cute these are! Also, I think I know what “line” of cute workout clothes you’re talking about…. Old Navy prices sound much more affordable and the clothes are just as cute!

  9. SuZ says

    I always go with black… I’m not sure why, I’ve always just picked black workout clothes… in Florida, not always the best bet either! :)

  10. says

    Katy you are looking fantastic! I love the jacket and the pullover with the great neckline. Both of these items I would totally wear for chilly days here in FL. I have never been a huge color person, but since getting into running, I’ve taken a turn for the bright side. I can’t get enough! So thoughtful of you to pick up a card for reader giveaway!

  11. says

    I have seen other bloggers review this line and I get more and more excited every review I read. I really want to go check it out — especially before the sale ends!

    I typically go for bright loud shoes and tops and more muted colors for the bottoms. Typically this is the most flattering option for me :)

  12. Jen says

    So excited about the new Old NAvy line. You can never have enough workout clothes and as i am pregnant i need some new bigger sizes to keep up with the growth that will be coming!! Hope i win!!

  13. Shelby says

    I love the old navy line. I discovered them 2 summers ago & I keep going back. Stylish stuff at an affordable price. Can’t beat that !!

  14. Leah F. says

    I have the compression capris and love them! Sounds like you got some awesome stuff. I love having new gear- It makes you excited to go workout!

  15. says

    Thanks for the review and I also hope I win cause I’m in desperate need of new workout clothes! Especially pants… apparently you can see my underwear through all my workout pants. How embarrassing.

  16. Amanda H. says

    I am already staking out what I want from Old Navy right now. I have a ton in my shopping cart online, but I am going to hit up the store first in case the items are cheaper. Thanks Katy!

  17. says

    I loved the blousy side-tie shirt so much I dubbed it my December and now Jan shirt (a.k.a. post-holiday) and bought 3! However, none of the other things fit quite right… :-\

  18. says

    I’ve been meaning to get new workout gear for the rink. UnderArmour is sooo expensive. I’ll have to give the Old Navy line a try and see if it can hold up under the stress of figure skating training.

  19. Alexandra says

    Nothing motivates me more than a new, cute and comfy workout outfit! And the fact that Old navy prices are so reasonable is icing on the cake :)

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