Baltimore: Charm City

We’re here! We arrived in Baltimore today, a few days ahead of Fitbloggin — sort of a combo birthday/anniversary trip (his birthday was February 22nd, mine March 17th and our wedding anniversary is April 8). The weather is go-hor-hor-hor-hor-geous! It’s actually warmer here than in Orlando! We love to travel, so the first thing we […]

His 'n' Hers Dream Day Redux

A while back, I declared a trip to M&M world, Pizza Fusion, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Total Wine¬† to be “His ‘n’ Hers Dream Day.” Well, folks — we took a very different, very successful crack at the title today. Of course, it didn’t hurt that my mood was brightened on Friday. Lucas had […]

Say Yes to the Dress

Aww, you guys are so sweet for supporting me through the pain! I’m feeling incrementally better — I am supposed to run tomorrow, and it would be my last hard workout before the triathlon this weekend. But I’m going to see how I’m feeling when I wake up. The last thing I want to do […]