Baltimore: Charm City

We’re here! We arrived in Baltimore today, a few days ahead of Fitbloggin — sort of a combo birthday/anniversary trip (his birthday was February 22nd, mine March 17th and our wedding anniversary is April 8). The weather is go-hor-hor-hor-hor-geous! It’s actually warmer here than in Orlando! We love to travel, so the first thing we […]

His 'n' Hers Dream Day Redux

A while back, I declared a trip to M&M world, Pizza Fusion, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Total Wine  to be “His ‘n’ Hers Dream Day.” Well, folks — we took a very different, very successful crack at the title today. Of course, it didn’t hurt that my mood was brightened on Friday. Lucas had […]

Technology is a Grinch

Doesn’t technology blow? Ugh…I was working on my laptop yesterday, getting some work done so I could relax on Christmas Day when POOF! The MacBook stopped working! Now, after several stressful hours, I have booked an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar. I’m crossing my fingers — but had to laugh when I checked the […]

Say Yes to the Dress

Aww, you guys are so sweet for supporting me through the pain! I’m feeling incrementally better — I am supposed to run tomorrow, and it would be my last hard workout before the triathlon this weekend. But I’m going to see how I’m feeling when I wake up. The last thing I want to do […]

Day of Detox

I had a wonderful time on vacation, but as stated before, I ate: and drank: and ate: and drank some more. In fact, the last day of vacation is a blur of beer and bubble tea, courtesy of Portland (and my mom). After a week of complete and total indulgence (who doesn’t need an ice […]

A Brew, Then We Flew!

We had a blast today, and we’re enjoying one last local brew (me: Shipyard Pumpkinhead, him : Shipyard Old Thumper) before boarding our plane and heading home.

Juicer 1 Juicer 2 Juicer 3 Meat Shop 2 Random Wednesday 2 Random Wednesday 3 Monhegan Island 6 Monhegan Island 36 Monhegan Island 47 Monhegan Island 50 Monhegan Island 62 Monhegan Island 64 Monhegan Island 83 Monhegan Island 96 Monhegan Island 99 Monhegan Island 113 Monhegan Island 125 Thomaston and Rockland 1 Thomaston and Rockland 3 Thomaston and Rockland 8 Thomaston and Rockland 25 Thomaston and Rockland 31 Thomaston and Rockland 39 Outside of House 2 Outside of House 9                    Not a bad life, huh?

Traveling to Tijuana (Flats)

(Note: I started to call this post “Smack My Sweet A$$” but I just didn’t have the guts! When you read on, you’ll get the joke.) Thank you for all your nice tweets and comments about my triathlon post! Before I started training and competing for the sport, I didn’t know anything about it — […]

I Got 99 Problems and a Puppy Ain't One

Here’s how my day started: an email from Lucas, with a subject that says something like “Plllllleeeeeeeaaaaassssse?” That’s never a good sign. Electronic whining. If it were something simple, he’d call. But no. He dropped a puppy bomb over email. Here’s the back story. We have two amazing dogs and two fat cats. They’re all […]

Counting Calories and Counting Blessings

Highs and lows. I have had plenty of both during my weight and health battles, and I find that I need to remember one while dealing with the other. The lows: Standing in front of Lane Bryant, knowing it was decision time. Walk in and commit to a plus-size lifestyle. Walk away and admit that […]