You're a Food Blogger When…

…You take an iPhone photo of your egg white puff at work because it came out so fluffy and delicious: …You hang out with fellow food bloggers at an organic, fresh pizza place and talk about (what else?) food, running and photos: …You don’t even think about ordering anything new because the last time you […]

#VeganWeek The Husband's Perspective

I may have one of the best husbands in the world. When we met in college: He was a red-meat eating hunter, a beer-drinking, no-exercising, study-around-the-clock archicture student. My experiments started back then, when I would try and wean him off of Miracle Whip, switch his coffee to bottled water and introduce fruits and vegetables […]

#VeganWeek 8 Mile Run and Giveaway Winners!

That’s right…I’m about to announce the winners of TWO #VeganWeek giveaways, so be sure to read all the way through! Did you see all the people that took the Vegan 4 a Day challenge that Michelle and I offered up? You can get the links here. I’m amazed, and am so excited to get to […]

#VeganWeek Vegan 4 a Day Participants

I’ll be picking a Vega giveaway winner later tonight, but wanted to highlight all of the people who took part in the Vegan 4 a Day challenge that Michelle and I put forth: Jess Courtney Ali Erin Whit Morgan Jaime (X2) cbrazas Kara Micco […]

#VeganWeek Getting Fit; Having Fun

(As we speak, I am probably wrapping up a run with Caitlin and Kelly — so I should be more prepared to talk about a vegan diet and fitness later tonight!) For those who are just getting to know me and my blog, I am a triathlete. That’s why I was so excited to talk […]

#VeganWeek Day 4: Thanks to YOU!

I hope you’re not sick of hearing how overwhelmed I am with gratitude to those who have followed the #VeganWeek…hard to believe this started as a random conversation between me and Michelle — miles apart — and became a blogging sensation. Today, we asked you to consider making one meal or all your meals vegan, […]

#VeganWeek Day 3: I'm Bowled Over

No, really…I am! Can you read his shirt? It says I Love Tater Tots. Awww… We followed Caitlin‘s lead and had a bowling date night! It was supposed to be a double date, but those plans fell through. We decided to go anyway — and it was a blast! It was great to do something […]

#VeganWeek Guest Post: Angela From Oh She Glows

It just took one bite…ONE BITE!…of the amazing Glo Bars, made by the gorgeous and motivational healthy living blogger Angela from Oh She Glows, to realize that vegan baking could not only taste good, it could actually be better than conventional ingredients. Ange blogs about food, fitness and family (sound familiar?), and she’s particulaly inspirational […]

#VeganWeek Day 2: BEST.MEALS.EVER.

I think Lucas is taking this whole “vegan cleanse” a little too far, don’t you? This is how he started his day: Don’t worry — lifeguards are always on duty. Ahhh, the life of the unemployed. After I left this sweet family scene, I powered up for Day 2 of #VeganWeek with some yerba maté: […]

#VeganWeek Guest Post: Dietitian Janel from Dine Dish Delish

(Make sure you read through the entire post for details on how YOU can take part in #VeganWeek and enter to win some awesome prizes!) It’s amazing the new friends you meet in the healthy living blog world. I never would have connected with Michelle, my #VeganWeek partner in crime, if we didn’t both write […]