Conquering Fears: The Birds Edition (at Gatorland)

Housekeeping: I’ve been updating the blog — there’s a new look to the Recipes page as well as my Videos page. Let me know what you think! I don’t have a lot of fears — off the top of my head, I can only name: Birds Flying (more like a fear of turbulence) Losing loved […]

Big Packages and Crimped Hair

Not going there…not going there…not going there… Can’t watch the embedded video? Click here. Phew, that was close. But I’m honoring Mama Pea‘s TWSS ban. I didn’t say it, so it doesn’t count. When I walked in the door this evening, Lucas told me I had two packages waiting — it’s Christmas in January! The […]

Dear Running (Ode to a Long-Lost Friend)

Dear Running, I miss you. In the days since we last spent time together, I have found in myself a sense of loss and longing — and I wonder…do you miss me? I’ve been spending more time with your cousin, Ralking, as well as some time with your distant relation, Walking. We all know it’s […]