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Come on, between the title and my confession that I read 50 Shades of Grey (ahem…finished it. Book 3 is the best.) you probably thought this was going to be an R-rated post.

But you can bring the kids back in the room. When I say technology — I mean a souped-up, super cool, space age PILLOW. Sent to me by the fine folks at Technogel, thanks to my work with FitFluential. They asked me to give the pillow a try and share some of my thoughts.

First step: picking the right product. I’m a stomach sleeper, but I’m trying to get better about sleeping on my sides. So I chose the king-sized (go big or go to bed) Anatomic Pillow, which promised to help with neck, back and shoulder pain. Check, check, check.

This thing is a beast, yo. And while I hoped that it would come looking like the picture on the website:

image source:

It actually looks like a normal pillow, with all of that cool squishy technology covered up. (By the way, that blue part? It’s the same stuff used in Dr. School’s foot cushions. Cool and creepy at the same time.)

I have some good. Some bad. And some…random for your enjoyment.


  • It’s huge…the king size, at least. I can roll around on the thing and still have cushion.
  • The dip in the middle of the pillow is GREAT when I’m horizontal. I sort of tuck my cheek in and drift off.



  • I like a firm pillow, but this was rock hard. I tried punching it down a bit with my fist, but because of that darn memory technology, it kept coming back up to shape.
  • It’s TERRIBLE for anything but being horizontal. When I go to bed and when I first wake up, I like to prop myself up and watch the news or check my email. I couldn’t do that with this pillow, so I found myself throwing it off the bed and using another pillow as a prop.
  • Even after a week, I never got fully comfortable. I woke up with a sore neck and shoulders several mornings in a row.


  • I had my husband test it out for a a few days, and he woke up in terrible pain. I can’t blame it completely on the pillow, but since I had the same issue, I have to think that the break-in period is just too long.

Would I get this myself? It’s spendy…like WHOA spendy. I cringe at spending more than $6 on a pillow and have to be talked out of sleeping on the same ratty cushion for years at a time. So, sadly, probably not. I also think that the website is hard to navigate, so if I was in the market for a $$$ pillow, I would have gotten frustrated by the ordering process.


I was (obviously) not 100% in love with the Technogel pillow and neither was my husband. Which made me feel bad, because I don’t like posting negative reviews. BUT after I originally posted this, Paolo, the incredibly helpful representative from Technogel worked with me in email after email to try and pin down the reasons that it may not have been the right type of pillow for me — remember, I could have picked any product to review, and I picked the one I did — AND offer to send me a new one, just because. He really did want me to have a good experience, and understood all of my feedback.

So, we’re getting a new pillow. Courtesy of Technogel. Cool people. Good service. Two thumbs up.

Having said that, YOU could win one and get to try it yourself…a free fancy pillow. Does it get better than that? There’s just one way to answer, and it’s by leaving a comment addressing this question: Do you have a TV in the bedroom? If so, do you keep it on through the night and if not, why?

I will pick one random winner on Friday, April 13th (it will be someone’s LUCKY day) and that person will choose any pillow he/she wants from Technogel.

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    That pillow sounds amazing!! My fiance just bought me a new firm one because the one I’ve been using has worn out. I’d love to try this one though, so to answer your question, no we don’t have a tv in our bedroom. We only have one tv and it’s in our living room.

    Have a great weekend, Katy!

  2. says

    Oo lala. I would LOVE to try out this pillow! We have a TV in our bedroom, but only because my husband claims he can’t fall asleep without it on. I, on the otherhand, love to fall asleep to complete silence. Opposites indeed.

  3. says

    This is the 1st I have heard negatives. Good to know. I would still love to try it. I didn’t find the price too bad because we spent a couple thousand on a new bed and it has been the best investment we have ever made. No more back issues for me, like totally gone. CRAZY!

    We used to have a TV in the bedroom (never left it on through the night) but moved it out to the newly remodeled home gym garage space. It’s nice not having it in there but now I have to clear everything else out of the room. Clutter be gone lol

  4. says

    Yep, we have a TVin the bedroom, but it isn’t on all night. My hubby turns iron the moment he enters the room, turns it off when he is ready to fall asleep and then turns it back on when he wakes up. However, when he is out of town? I never turn it on.

    I’ve seen this pillow all over teh interwebs lately, I assumed it would look all blue & futuristic too!

  5. says

    Ooh, I’m glad you made that comment about the 3rd Fifty Shades book! I read the first two and have been debating whether or not to go for the last one (since the first two are fun but a little repetitive, you know?). Maybe I’ll give it a shot!

  6. says

    No, I don’t….however, I often use my laptop for watching things…

    I think it’s a good idea to ignore laptops and phones for the evening, however…I haven’t gotten quite that far yet! :)

    SOOOO want to try this pillow!

  7. says

    I live alone in a studio and I actually don’t have a TV at all… however when I do get married I definitely intend to NOT have a TV in the bedroom. That room should be for sleeping… and other things that do not involve watching TV.

  8. says

    We don’t; the husband doesn’t have many strong opinions, but no tv in the bedroom was one of them. Overall, it’s fine because I don’t watch tv very often, but I can’t help but wonder if I’ll change my mind sometime when I’m sick and stuck in bed for a long time.

  9. Gretchen says

    I have a TV in the bedroom, but would need to plug it in to watch anything! My phone and iPod are welcome though…

  10. says

    We don’t have a TV in the bedroom right now. We have in the past, but there is not really room in the current place. I also try and keep the bedroom for sleeping, etc, to try and help with sleep for me and the husband. Even without a TV, I sleep with my phone on the nightstand which probably defeats the purpose.

    The pillow sounds interesting. I normally don’t spend a lot on pillows, but I have to have nice sheets.

  11. says

    I do not have a TV in the bedroom but I dated a guy who lived in a bachelor apartment so he did and he was one to leave the TV on all. That doesn’t work for me as I always have trouble sleeping or at least staying asleep.

  12. says

    ooh, I would LOVE this pillow! I would give it to Jason – he desperately needs a new pillow, and I was going to buy him a nice one as a Move In To Our New House gift 😀

    we do NOT have a television in the bedroom! the only technology we have in the bedroom is our alarm clocks and the sounds system for our music to sleep by…

    thanks for the opportunity, Katy, I would LOVE to win this!

  13. says

    I could really use a new pillow! Thanks for posting the giveaway.

    I do not have a TV in my room and haven’t had one there for the last 2 1/2 years. I do miss having it though and when we move at the end of the month, I think we’re going to put one in our room again. When I previously had a TV in my room, I always fell asleep with the sleep timer on. I hated waking up at 3:00 a.m. and having the TV still on (it made it hard for me to fall back to sleep).

  14. says

    Ohh, I would love to try one of these pillows! I do not have a tv in my bedroom, but if I did I wouldn’t sleep with it on. I need complete darkness to fall, and stay asleep.

  15. Laura says

    I do not have a TV in the bedroom. That’s mostly because I rarely watch TV, but also because I’d rather talk with my guy before going to sleep instead of watching TV.

  16. says

    No tv in my bedroom. I would like one but think I’d end up watching too much tv and sleeping too little. I already end up watching way more than I should!

  17. says

    I like your pictures and the way they demonstrated the mixed feelings you had with your pillow experiment. Very cute!

    No, we don’t keep a TV in the bedroom. I find it leads to a more relaxing wind down time and restful sleep.

  18. Corrie Davidson says

    Thanks for the great post and honest appraisal! I’m actually in the market for a new. Pillow myself and was eyeing these memory foam types… I’m just like you in terms of stomach sleeper to some and liking to prop up in evening morning… Would be interested to try one of these out…

    In answer to your question, yes, we have a TV in the bedroom, but would never leave it on as the light and electronic hum would keep the hubs awake… And I’d be tempted to stay up all night watching it… :)

  19. billiejean says

    I’ve seen a few other reviews for this pillow and your the first with some negative thoughts on it! Your being honest though, that’s good! I’m always up for trying something new. No, I don’t have a television in my bedroom. A bedroom is for sleeeep only, for me at least.

  20. says

    I’m still dying to try it – I love firm pillows and have been sleeping on a contoured firm pillow for a while. It’s not quite the best, but it was dang good for a target pillow. =)

    We do have a TV in the bedroom, although we’ve been trying to use it less recently. We don’t keep it on overnight, although I used to do that when I was younger.

  21. says

    My sleeping habits leave much to be desired as of late. And it’s a vicious cycle — stress keeps me up, but lack of sleep is adding to the stress.

    In the bedroom, no TV — hence, no problem with accidentally leaving it on. However, I’ve been falling asleep on the couch more often than not and that TV does usually stay on until I wake up and turn it off and maybe move to my bed.

  22. says

    I do have a tv in the bedroom. Sometimes I sleep with it on if I fall asleep while watching something – which is rare. Other times the tv is off because when I get in bed I go straight to sleep.

  23. April Schaack says

    We have a tv in the bedroom but it’s hardly ever on. I have the worst time finding a pillow that I like. I have a stack of new pillows in the closet and I hate each and every one of them!

  24. says

    We do have a TV in our bedroom, but I pretty much just fall asleep to the noise. The glasses come off when my head hits the pillow, so I can’t see it anyway…

  25. Lisa B says

    I do have a TV in the bedroom, but rarely turn it on because I want to be able to get a good night’s sleep, but rarely do.

  26. says

    Would love, love to win this great pillow. And yes, we have a t.v. in the bedroom, but it goes off before we fall asleep. Seems more peaceful to have the t.v. off…

  27. Abbe Brown says

    I have a TV in the bedroom but do not have it on after 10 pm. I read before bed until I get tired. Electronics = bad for sleep.

  28. says

    I do have a tv in my bedroom. I HAVE to turn it off to sleep! I am very sensitive to noise. I sleep with earplugs in! The birds chirping in the morning disturbs my sleep. I do believe that I need to invest in a quality pillow. I have neck issues as well. I no longer have a curve in my neck , it’s straight. I would love to win one of these pillows! Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. sarah linehan says

    We have a TV in our bedroom.. it’s a constant battle. My boyfriend likes the background noise, I prefer silence. (Purchased 50 Shades of Grey today! Can’t wait to start reading it)

  30. says

    I do not have a TV in the bedroom–it’s hard enough for me to get a good night’s sleep!
    I just participated in the #Technogel Twitter party, and this pillow sounds heavenly!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Laurel C says

    I do have a TV in my room, but I’d never leave it on overnight!! In fact, I can’t sleep unless it’s completely dark and completely silent…..hence why I wear a face mask and earplugs!

  32. says

    No. No t.v. in the bedroom. We did at one time, but that was eons ago, when we were young. Now by the time we go to bed, we are so exhausted, it’s surprising we even turn off the light, much less a tv.

  33. April says

    I had never heard of this pillow until seeing it on twitter chat tonight. I’d love to try it.

    We don’t have a tv in our bedroom!

  34. Seth says

    Would love to try this pillow. I like them firm. As for the TV in the bedroom, heck yes. What else am I supposed to do with the kids when they crawl into my bed at 6 am. The ability to put Dora, Olivia, Jake & The Neverland Pirates on, buys me an additional 30-45 minutes of sleep. So I guess I do sleep with it on, but only in the AM, not overnight.

  35. Danielle says

    that pillow sounds great!

    I do have a tv in my bedroom, but i turn it off right before i go to sleep because the light would bother me :)

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