The 2013 Plan

I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, but I do like goals. I find that they make me push harder than I might without a plan, and since I hate failing, they make me grind it out when I’d rather quit.

So, here’s the current fitness plan for 2013 (a little more manageable now that Audrey is, gulp, 5 months old and not really a newborn):

  • On March 23rd, I’m doing my first post-baby run: the Winter Park 10K Road Race. I loved this course a few years ago when I did the distance dare, but this time I’m just hoping to finish and won’t worry (much) about time.
  • I start Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp on April 1st (no fooling) and will spend 8 weeks trying to get back some of the muscle tone I’ve lost in the last year.
  • On May 4th, I’m doing my first post-baby triathlon: the Iron Girl Sprint in Clermont. If you want to join me, you can take $10 off the sprint distance (not the supersprint, so be aware) with the code: IGBLOGGERKW. It expires April 12th.
  • I have my eye on two fall/winter half marathons: one in St. Petersburg and one in Orlando. Time will tell but I’m leaning toward signing up…YIKES.

In the mix, I’d like to try and get to Dance Trance Orlando as much as possible (I miss it but it’s far away from my house) and also get my butt back into yoga.

There’s a lot going on but if I put it out here…I have to do it. If you’re going to any of these events or think there’s one I should know about, holler at your girl!

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  1. says

    Good luck! I think having some fitness goals is great because it keeps us motivated and moving forward. I’m running my first 1/2 marathon in a few weeks (EEP!) and hoping my last week of being sick + today’s lower back trouble doesn’t keep me from running much longer so I can stay on training.

  2. says

    You know how thrilled I am you’re doing BBB. I hope you love it. All of your plans look great! And can’t wait to see you crush them.

  3. A. Valentine says

    Hey, Clermont is my town! \o/

    I would kind of love to do that Iron Girl thing, but I have never done a triathalon of any sort, and I am woefully out of shape. Also, I don’t have a triathalon-type bike, more of a beach cruiser.

    Does that kind of leave me out in the cold for an event like this?

    • says

      Hi A.!
      Iron Girl is a perfect place for beginners because of all the support from athletes around you, the volunteers and our staff at Iron Girl. Please don’t feel nervous about not having a triathlon-type bike. Typically we’ll see everything from mountain bikes to commuter bikes to beach cruisers on race day. All styles of bikes are welcomed. This event is put on just for you and we will be sure to make it an experience of a lifetime. Please feel free to reach of to me at if you have anymore questions.

    • says

      Oh my gosh, please sign up — I’d love to meet you and be your cheerleader! Iron Girl is such a great organization for your first race because it’s not competitive, almost everyone is a beginner or first-timer, and there is so much love.

      As for the bike, you can use whatever you have (or whatever you can borrow). I have seen bikes with flowerly baskets, beach cruisers, mountain bikes and everything in between (and I have gotten passed by all of the above on the course).

      Don’t worry about being in shape or about finishing in a certain place or time. Truly, just come out and give it everything you have. I’ll be there to hold your hand!

      • A. Valentine says

        Okay, I think you guys have convinced me! It is probably a good idea to sign up for the super sprint though, right? That 5 extra miles on the bike might end me…

        • says

          I think you should set yourself up for success — if you’re worried about the bike, then do the supersprint, kick some booty and then see what you think about that distance. My first tri was a supersprint and I loved it, although when I was done, I wanted more :) It’s an addition!

          But if you’re competitive and think you’ll be disappointed if you don’t do the longer distance, and you’re up for it physically, do that one.

          Let me know what you choose and I can answer any training questions you have!

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