Things I’m Loving: Part 2

A couple of months ago, I shared some of the things I was loving right then. I figured it was time to come back and add to the list!

Disney’s Baby Care Centers


My friend Jackie Jovi has been taking her daughter to Disney since she was just a baby, and has always raved about the baby care centers. This weekend, I finally stepped in and ahhhhhhhhhhh did she undersell the place, if anything. You want high chairs? Microwaves? Sturdy changing tables, closed-off nursing rooms, companion bathrooms and more? Step inside. Dare I say that this was my favorite “ride” when I took a solo-parent trip to the House of the Mouse this weekend?

Heck — EVERYTHING About Disney

OK, it’s not just the baby care centers that rock. I’d never thought of myself as a Disney person (um, I’ve never seen the Finding Nemo movie) so I really hesitated before getting the Florida resident annual passes. But with a toddler who never stops moving, we really needed a place where we could take her and let her run wild for a few hours. I’m SO glad we bought our tickets. The rides, the characters, the animals — they’re all amazing. It really makes me believe in magic.

New Balance Shoes

My friends at @newbalance sent Lucas these Minimus shoes for his P90X workouts and this is a direct quote from him after his first time trying them out: "These are the best things I've ever put on my feet." He's talking about buying two more sets so he ca

My pals at New Balance sent these 20v3 shoes over for Lucas (disclosure! they were free! and you know you can always learn more about my disclosure policy here!) so he could test them out for his P90X3 workouts (remember when we both did the original version?). His direct quote:

“These are the best things I’ve ever put on my feet.”

In fact, he likes these so much, he ended up buying two more pair.

Free Photos From Races

When I did the Best Damn Race in Orlando a few weeks ago, I had a BLAST! Not only did I get to hang out with some of my favorite bloggers…


…I PR’d at the 10K distance {{{dusts shoulders off}}}. Even better? The photographer let us download all of the race photos for free! That means I get to share some of these amazing photos (and one awesome photobomb).




Ring Cozy


I started following Ring Cozy on Instagram a few months ago and even had one in an online shopping cart. Now that I’m teaching more and hanging out at the gym, I decided to order one and I LOVE it. It has a little cut-out for the stone in my engagement ring and really protects it.

Florida in March

It’s been in the 70s for the last month. Don’t hate. Just move down to the Sunshine State.

Scandal/House of Cards

BINGE WATCHING. I do it. I can’t believe it took me so long to give into the call of Olivia Pope but once I started watching, I couldn’t stop. I’ve watched all of the episodes twice so far and even live-tweeted the last two weeks of new shows. I never do that.

P.S. I Adore You

This site is AWESOME. I actually had to unsubscribe from their daily emails because I was spending way too much money. But look how cute the shirt above is! They sell clothes, jewelry, art and more and the kicker is that every month, the company donates to a different family who is battling childhood cancer.

Green Smoothies

Let 'er rip!

I can’t get enough. The greener, the better. It may just be a mind trick, but I feel healthier and happier when I suck down a smoothie.

What are you loving right now?

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  1. says

    I commented on Instagram, but I really can’t believe how AWESOME those race photos are! You take such great ones!! Must have been that PR-pride shining through. I always love green smoothies, too, and yes, they make me feel healthier!!

  2. Shannon says

    Have you ever posted recipes for your favorite green smoothies? I would love to know what’s in that blender! :)

    Congrats on the PR!

  3. says

    I’m so there with you when it comes to Disney. I absolutely adore that place, possibly more than my daughter because I love seeing her excitement. Fabulous job on your PR, and great race day pictures! I’m still working on getting a good race day pic, one of my goals for this year;)

  4. says

    Hey Katy!

    Love the post – I went to Disney a few times as a child and it’s one of the warm fuzzy family memories you never forget!

    Also, I’m thinking about checking out some new balance shoes but I’m worried I’ll be addicted to nike and new balance haha!

    Great post!


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