Things I’m Loving: Part I

A lot of bloggers do regular roundups of their favorite things…and I always love reading them because whether it’s a product or a workout or a website, I’m always intrigued to get new ideas.

So, in no particular order, the things that I’m loving right now:

Caramel Misto/Cafe au Lait

In Central Florida, they did a stupid test market thing and took holiday gingerbread lattes off the Starbucks menu to test out (blech) cherries jubilee. So I had to find another go-to drink that felt seasonal and so I tried a caramel cafe misto and immediately fell into caffeinated love. It’s a good drink because it’s something you can get at any coffee shop (it’s just a cafe au lait, so you need steamed milk and carmel or caramel flavoring). I have had about 10,000 of these bad boys in the last month. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Bubble Tea

Do I really have to explain why this is so awesome? It makes me so happy to chew chew chew those little nuggets of yum.


Ahhh, yoga. I love you. Then I leave you. I always come back, and you’re always there waiting with open arms. My not-so-secret goal in 2014 is to truly release my fear of inversions and FLY FLY FLY. The end of 2013 was pretty stressful and busy, and 2014 doesn’t seem to be letting up. Having a go-to practice, even in short bursts, is something that is helping me stay sane.

Tara Stiles

This girl is rocking my world. From her super accessible and inspirational videos (she has a library here and some amazing tutorials on other YouTube channels) I find myself inching closer and closer to really nailing some advanced poses.


I. Can’t. Get. Enough. The hillier, the sweatier, the faster, the louder, the better. I have left so much stress on the spin class floor recently, and if I could find a way to do all of my work on a spin bike, I would (I even had a brainstorm about starting a studio where instead of listening to music, a instructor called out the cues in between some type of educational class, so you could learn a new language or Web coding or something while getting your workout done).


Speaking of class…I find myself really excited to study (I’m working on my group exercise certification through NAFC and AAFA) and to learn new things about the body and about fitness in general. I do the Karvoven Formula in my head while watching TV. I practice honing my proprioception and other senses when doing my workouts. I force myself to put my notes down at night to actually get some sleep.

I will admit that I actually really liked school, and kind of miss the routine of researching, writing, learning and putting new skills into practice. It’s nice to have some of that back.

Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Lucas finally made me put my headphones in because he couldn’t stand listening to the phrase “highlight and contour” anymore. I have been watching videos (especially from Maskcara and Jaclyn Hill) like they are the hottest shows on TV. Except that they’re on YouTube. And the most dramatic moment is when I learn whether they are doing a smoky eye or a neutral face.

At-Home Gel Manicures

In 2012, I proudly shared how I finally broke a lifelong, disgusting and shame-inducing bad habit: biting my nails. In 2013, I fell off the wagon HARD and beat myself up a lot. But I decided that it was time to start over, and I went into the only routine that has ever worked for me. I got acrylic nails so that my nails could grow out a little bit, then removed those and got a gel manicure. That lasted three weeks and helped me break the habit again (when my nails are pretty, painted and not ragged, I don’t have any desire to bite). I figured that if I had to spend a million bucks getting gel for the rest of my life, it was worth it.

But then I found this tutorial on a $5 product you can get at Sally Beauty for at-home gel manicures that don’t require a UV light, and decided to give it a try. Verdict: AWESOME. My nails are thick, hard and shiny and they feel just like a regular salon job.


We don’t have cable (we cut it in 2011 and never looked back — it’s amazing) but we do have Roku and now, a Chromecast and between the two of them, there’s plenty of stuff to watch on TV. The Roku channels just keep getting better and better (especially the YouTube app, which lets you throw whatever you’re watching on your phone or tablet to the TV) and being able to binge watch on demand is pretty spectacular. We just discovered Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” series and are hooked.

Baby Pigtails

Because…come on!

What are you loving right now?

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  1. says

    I love these posts too, and yours had so many fun and diverse current “loves” right now. Thanks for sharing! I’m loving being back in the gym…workouts are fun and the break was nice enough that now I feel good about hitting it hard again. I’m also loving catching up with friends and slippers – always slippers. :)

  2. says

    I’m loving all these things you posted! I have never heard of bubble tea… have I been living under a rock? Anywho… I love the cafe mocha coconut water! Tastes like the glass jars of Starbucks you can buy at the grocery store. I actually have a list of loves lined up for my post Monday!

  3. says

    Totally trying the gel manicure tutorial this weekend…that sounds awesome. I haven’t tried bubble tea yet but it is very intriguing…

  4. says

    Looooove Bubble Tea!! I am the same way with Yoga, I didn’t go pretty much at all in 2013 but then started back up in December and reaallly want to get back in the grove for 2014!

  5. says

    I like these posts too, but I never seem to save the links or info of things I come across. I guess I should keep a folder or a list? I know it sounds simple, but I never seem to remember. Right now, I am loving my first snow day of the year! (Even though I just had a vacation, there’s nothing like a snow day.) I also just rediscovered how easy and tasty lentils are to cook with.

  6. says

    Katy I love this roundup! I really want to try spinning. I am a little intimidated by it though. I have done one class in the past and it kicked my butt. I also have to say I loved that you put studying in there. I am a real nerd and love learning too. My husband always jokes that if I could go to school for a living I would have a multitude of degrees. I actually loved school.


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