Time Flies

You know how the rest of that goes, right?

Time flies when you’re having fun.

It’s totally true — I’ve been busy enjoying the summer weather, time with Lucas and friends and colleagues. So, here’s a quick rundown.

Finishing floors:

Compost 01

Playing with puppies:


Getting gifts from my (incredibly talented baker/website maker/marathon-signer-upper/potter) baby brother:

Gifts From Andy 2

Screaming at grammatical errors:

Spelling Mistake 1

Eating vegan waffles:

Waffles 1

Pouring (and drinking) beer at festivals — it pays to be married to a beer blogger!:

Beer Festival 1 Beer Festival 2

and, sadly — saying goodbye to good friends:


It was great to see the girls (and their awesome boys) over the weekend … I am so spoiled living in Florida!

What else is happening?

  • Lots and lots of strength training, especially Body Pump
    • I’m planning on doing another triathlon this fall, but it’s too hot to do a lot of outdoor training right now!
  • Cooking GALORE — this weekend, I made recipes by:
    • Mama Pea (soft pretzels) **These were AMAZING — I used cinnamon and sugar one one of them and it was my favorite
    • Ashley (crackers)
    • Angela (quinoa cereal)
  • Vacation planning (more on this in coming posts)
  • Poolside relaxing
  • Testing out free stuff (ALL GIVEN TO ME in exchange for honest opinions):
    • New Balance Rock and Tone sneakers (pretty cool, although they need some serious design work)
    • Nature’s Pride buns and rolls (too bready — Lucas cut each half in half just to be able to eat it)
    • GOsmart pedometers (just getting started — will post more thoughts soon, with a giveaway!)

What’s new in your lives?

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  1. says

    I am a grammar addict as well, but sometimes I make mistakes if I am rushing and feel like a moron lol! So glad you’ve been keeping busy and having a good time! I wish more bloggers lived around me! :(

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