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I had a big post written for today. I wrote it in a fit of anger and frustration late last night, as I scrambled to come up with an idea for a post. (For the record, it was a rant on how much I hate the headline “Bigger Bruni Sunbathes in  Bikini” being featured on Huffington Post. The woman is pregnant, but doesn’t want to let the media have first crack at her uterus. I can understand that.

But in the light of day, the post stunk. Totally not worthy of hitting publish. And in light of the advice I just finished giving in my webinar (10 Tips for Killer Blog Posts), I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

So, today’s post is a tribute to some other work that is definitely deserving of your attention:

And of course, if you want to meet me and Lucas, be sure to enter our giveaways for tickets to Taste of the Nation!
And I’ll be back later with a post that doesn’t suck.

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    Definitely done the same thing before. I try to tune into how I’m feeling while writing a post and if I’m excited or proud about publishing, then it’s simple. If I spend hours editing and am still not satisfied, then I trash. But it’s not easy – especially after spending a good chunk of my time writing. I’ll leave it unpublished for a while and read it again to be sure, but usually my gut feeling wins. Quality over quantity, right?

    [Then I look back at my older posts and gasp at what I willing to publish this time last year. Yikes!]

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