Treadmill or Dreadmill?

Heads up! For every comment left on this post from now until my race on October 19th, I’ll donate $1, up to $100, to the Boston One Fund in support of the recovery from the Boston Marathon Bombings. Scroll down for more details.


A while back, I mentioned that I’m working with Runner’s World Magazine (um, obsessed) and joining a crew of bloggers who will be participating in the Runner’s World Half weekend in October.

DISCLOSURE: Runner’s World is covering my travel expenses and the sponsors have sent me some cool perks:

but since I’ll be the one actually sweating it out for a 5K and 10K in hilly, chilly Pennsylvania, I figure I’m giving just as good as I’m getting. Still, I never want you guys guessing about my sponsorships!

This event is a pretty big deal for me because:

a) I can’t believe that picked me — ME! — since I still have a hard time considering myself as a runner

b) the others who are going are speedy and I’m not so much

c) I’m leaving my baby for three nights and that’s crazy

(If you want to sign up, I have some discount codes for the half marathon or the hat trick: 10% off Half: kwidrickRWHalf /10% off Hat Trick: kwidrickRWHat. The signup is here:

Training has been tough as of recent weeks because I was very sick (allergies, I now think), I traveled, my husband was out of town for work and it has been crazy hot in Florida. I have been logging all of my miles outside but now that I have joined a gym, I think I’ll be doing as much mileage as I can on the treadmill…with air conditioning and cable TV.

I know that the treadmill can be a really divisive topic — some love it and others HATE it. I actually don’t mind especially because I tend to zone out on my runs rather than enjoy the view. I like to put the headphones in and forget that I actually chose to put my body through such torture.

One of the amazing brands I’ve gotten to know in the last few weeks (Runner’s World knows how to put on an event, y’all) is, and they’re going to raffle one of these Boston Marathon Treadmills to one of the bloggers who is on the RW Half team. (DISCLOSURE: this post counts as an entry — still a long shot but I had to try!)

I shared what the Boston Marathon means to me here (before the bombings) and I think what’s really cool about this machine is that you can run while watching high definition video workouts of the actual Boston race course — Heartbreak Hill and all.


It even connect to your home’s wireless network (um, hello live Tweeting my runs) which just gives me the happy shivers.

So tell me — dreadmill or treadmill?

And now, since it’s not fair to just brag about a super cool treadmill that I might win…how about this? For every comment left on this post from now until my race on October 19th, I’ll donate $1, up to $100, to the Boston One Fund in support of the recovery from the Boston Marathon Bombings. NOTE: this donation is from me, not from any of the sponsors mentioned here, and the comments have NO bearing on whether I win the treadmill or not — the winners will be drawn from a raffle of other entries.

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  1. says

    Ugh, it so depends. I think if I have good destraction (i.e. movie/tv) and the weather conditions are pretty adverse (i.e. hot) I’m down to log miles on the treadmill, otherwise I totally prefer running outside. Good luck, that treadmill looks awesome!

  2. says

    I have always preferred the treadmill, which makes me a weirdo to many people. I can get on, put all my stuff down, have my hands free and zone out. I don’t have to worry about people yelling rude things at me from their cars, rain, people walking/biking, smokers, and uneven surfaces. Since I’ve been training for a 10K I’ve done most of my running outside, and I have grown to appreciate it. But now that it is cooler and rainy here in Scotland I can forsee myself on the treadmill a lot more in the future.

  3. says

    I actually love my treadmill in the winter months. I trained for my first half marathon exclusively on my treadmill – I would watch movies on my long runs. Ha!

    Also, when my daughter was very young I was able to put her in her rock and play next to the treadmill while I ran. The sound would send her straight to dream land.

    It sits in my basement all lonely in the summer, but I am looking forward to catching up on all my TV shows in the winter. Ha!

    Good luck with your race!

  4. says

    I go in phases with the treadmill. Sometimes I love it while other times I totally dread it! I’m always thankful for it in the winter months because I’d much rather run on it than brave the frigid temps and ice. When the weather is nice, however, I much prefer running outdoors over the dreadmill!

  5. says

    I don’t love the treadmill but I’ll tolerate it. Super convenient now that it’s so dark in the morning and during the winter when it’s below zero and a skating rink on the roads. I prefer the roads but you gotta do what ya gotta do!

  6. says

    Umm… love this! Excited for you to run in the half! As far as the treadmill vs. dreadmill question, it depends on the day for me. I love treadmill workouts if they are quick and include some type of interval or sprinting. Otherwise, I get really bored really fast. So I guess I prefer running outside on this one.

  7. says

    I go through phases of liking and not liking the treadmill. It is a good option to have when the weather isn’t good for running outside, and I like it for doing interval training, but it’s just not the same!

  8. Samantha says

    First off, I love what you are doing with the comments and donation here.

    As far as the treadmill – I ONLY use it when I HAVE to. So for me, living in Rhode Island, that usually means for a good portion of January-March. I don’t mind running in the cold – but if there’s so much snow on the ground that it’s too dangerous for me to run outside, then I have to hit the old ‘mill. Sometimes I really just loathe it though and end up finding other cardio options, like spinning.

  9. says

    most of the time i refer to it as the Dreadmill. the monotony nearly kills me. i’ve tried watching tv (with closed captioning), movies, etc. even listening to music and podcasts. the longest i have been able to tolerate on a ‘mill is 13.1 miles…
    that said, though, the ‘mill is a saviour during our winters. very short daylight and dangerous roads more or less force me to run indoors….

  10. says

    As someone who grew up outside Boston and would watch the Marathon on TV every year, I really appreciate you doing this! Every year after Patriot’s Day and the Marathon, I find myself out on a run because it’s impossible for me to watch Boston without wanting to run. This year was no different, but my run had a double meaning. Good luck in PA with Runner’s World!

  11. says

    Great post Katy!
    As for the other bloggers for RW half being fast… not this one!
    In running there’s the fast crowd, the medium crowd and the slow crowd… and then there’s me bringing up the rear.

  12. Eve says

    Until really recently, I was all treadmill, all the time for about the first nine years I was a “runner.” Running outside was a struggle, and being inside with a cushy springboard, all the Gilmore Girls I could watch and AC was heavenly. Now I’m two weeks away from my first half marathon, and I’m shocked to find that I actually like running outside (shocking)! I like and do both inside and outside regularly.

  13. emily says

    I don’t mind the treadmill in the dead of summer/winter! I’m a baby about weather and the treadmill is climate controlled 😉

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