Triathlon Glory

Looks like a lot of you are meeting me for the first time after reading Caitlin’s triathlon recap! That probably means you’re as proud of her as I am.

A brief backstory (because you can read more about me here here and here) — I was once an unfit, unhappy, unhealthy girl. Then I started eating well, heard about this crazy thing called triathlon and decided to give it a shot. And, like most people who try the sport, I got addicted!

Triathlon changed my life. It made me confident in my body (I’m fit, healthy and curvy — and proud of all three) and helped me craft a new identity.

I got so much support as I continued with the sport, and really built a network and community of people who showed me the ropes. So I was SO glad to pay it forward today by supporting Caitlin as she kicked some serious tail at today’s triathlon.

If you read her recap, you’ll see that she ran into a few challenges (including a bike crash that I fear I may have contributed to by screaming “you look HOT” as she made a turn). The fact that she kept going when so many of us — myself included — might have quit? That’s so inspirational.


Thanks for the picture, C! It was actually very hard for me to not be racing today. I thought about throwing my bike in the car just in case I could get into the event at the last minute! But I’m taking a break to recover from some post-half marathon injuries, so I got to be a cheerleader for the men and women competing today.


I had to share this picture — how adorable is this? Triathlon is a major time and financial commitment, and the entire family gets sucked in. It was so great to see this guy’s family cheering him on.


So, some of you may have noticed my new ‘do in the pictures from today’s triathlon.

I actually got my hair cut last week at the Aveda School in Orlando — love!!! — but wasn’t thrilled with the cut. They offered me a free re-do, so I decided to take them up on it and use my $20 coupon on some accent foils. I originally went in thinking I would get some hot pink peekaboo streaks but the stylists talked me into a platinum blonde. So I went from this:


To this:


To this!


The streaks are cute because they only show when I part my hair a certain way, or shake my head around. They’re under a top layer of dark hair so shaZAM — there they are and sha-ZOOM…there they go.

Of course, post-shower and 2-hour nap, the hair looks a little different:


Nothing a little product and a flat iron can’t fix!

I’m so excited! This week is my birthday (a big ‘un) AND Fitbloggin’! I am really looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Will you be there?

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  1. says

    I think I have the triathalon bug now!! And your hair is soooo cute! I'll see you this weekend! Yay! Really excited to meet you!!!

  2. says

    Love the hair! I'm making a drastic change after our wedding in October. I'm very excited about that. =)

    I'm doing my first tri at the end of June. Count on me bugging you for advice. =)

  3. says

    Number one, you are the coolest, most wonderful young woman. Number two, is it Fitbloggin' that is in Baltimore? Are you both going? Have a great time! And be sure to let us see your hair as YOU style it…

  4. framboise131 says

    I love your blog. Sounds like I am a few steps behind you in the process but we have a lot of the same goals aspirations etc. Nice to see someone succeeding in the craziness!

  5. says

    Hey girl, your blog is so cute! It was great meeting you yesterday, and hey who knows, maybe after my first half marathon I'll be inspired to try a triathlon like you and Caitlin!!! Let me know next time you're gonna go to that dance trance place? I might wanna embarrass myself..err..I mean…I might want to try it out. haha

  6. says

    Hi Katy – Thanks for your message about St. Anthony's on Caitlin's blog yesterday. I decided to take the next 41 days and train my heart out and just got for it!! Cute blog, I will be sure to check back!


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