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Sigh…poor shuttle. Endeavour has some pretty serious electrical issues to sort out and won’t launch until the weekend — at the earliest. Hey, whatever it takes to keep those guys safe, huh?

I took hundreds of pictures (crazy, considering I still haven’t seen the launch!) and here are a few more that I didn’t post in:


I spy a fuel tank!




Inside the VAB -- hallowed halls


Mission control (a real one - just not in use now)


Historic words

This is a do-as-I-blog, not-as-I-do kind of post. Because despite ALL the statistics that show how powerful LinkedIn can be when it comes to building contacts, spreading SEO and generally taking over the world, it’s the social network that I pay the least amount of attention to.

That’s in part because I have a job that I love and am not looking for a new gig, and in part because I spend so much time on Facebook and Twitter that I just run out of time and energy.

But I’m going to make an effort to change that, so I write this post as a guide for ME as much as for YOU.

1. Post Links.

In general, I’m not a fan of automated social media. But I AM a fan of efficiency — and I feel that auto-sharing your posts via social networks is a great way of making sure all your circles see them. I auto-post ONE link to each post on Twitter and Facebook, as soon as the post is published. From now on, I’ll also plan on posting those linked to LinkedIn.

However, I will do it manually, because I think that LinkedIn needs some more context for each post — and manually posting it gives me a way of telling my connections why I think the post is relevant to them. In addition, manually sharing the link will let me be selective (perhaps posts like my 4-Hour Body pictures don’t need to go to my professional resume site).

2. Join a Group.

Between college alumni groups, healthy living bloggers, people living in Florida with two dogs and a hottie husband (if that one doesn’t exist, I should start it), there are lots of great mini-circles on LinkedIn, and they can be a great way of letting them know about your work.

As always, I think you need to make sure that if/when they visit your blog, those readers can easily share your post (notably, on LinkedIn), so make sure that your framework is in good shape. But then, share away!

3. Answer Questions.

LinkedIn may not be as well known as Facebook or Quora for a question/answer platform, but statistics show that when you step in and help people answer questions that fall in your categories of expertise, you gain serious street cred. So try and jump in and see what people need help with.

If you can’t answer it then and there, do some research and come back with an answer. Better yet, blog the answer and share the post in your answer.

4. List Your Blog in Your Profile.

This is probably the simplest change, but it gives you tremendous bang for your buck. Think of yourself as the president of your blog. Then list it on your resume just like you would any other job. Write out some bullet points for what you do (perhaps writing, search engine optimization, Internet marketing?) for the blog.

5. Find Guest Posters.

Once you have built connections on LinkedIn, you have a new pool of people from whom you can draw inspiration — and if you’re lucky, a new pool of people who can offer you guest posts! I especially encourage this if your blog about something technical, like blogging or social media. Ask someone to step in and lend some knowledge about a subject maybe you’re not as strong in — not only will this help you learn, you’re guaranteed to get an extra boost when that poster shares the link with his or her own communities.

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    Hi Katy,

    I just found your blog via a trackback, :D.

    You’ve a nice blog with quality articles. Linkdin is great tool to get traffic, connect with new people and build relationship with them.

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    How exciting that you got to go to the Nasa tweet up, I would have loved to go, but had to settle for reading all the tweets instead. Excited to see the shuttle launch this weekend (hopefully), It never gets old to see it launch.

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    Hi Katy,

    Thanking you for adding my tips as the part of your post, I’ve been using LinkedIn for a while and got 800+ visits last month, now there is continuous improvement and surely I recommend LinkedIn groups to drive tons of traffic.

    Now LinkedIn is one of my referral source of traffic.

    Take care.

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