#VeganWeek Day 3: I'm Bowled Over

No, really…I am!

Vegan Day 3 11

Vegan Day 3 12

Can you read his shirt? It says I Love Tater Tots. Awww…

We followed Caitlin‘s lead and had a bowling date night! It was supposed to be a double date, but those plans fell through. We decided to go anyway — and it was a blast! It was great to do something different on a weeknight.

Vegan Day 3 15

But let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start. Breakfast was my take on Katie’s fudge babies: banana bread balls. Joke away.

Vegan Day 3 3

Plus good ol’ yerba maté and pumpkin oats:

Vegan Day 3 5

If I were a true culinary rockstar, I might have noticed that breakfast and lunch had the same frightening color and texture. But I didn’t, so I packed this carrot ginger soup:

Vegan Day 3 6

Followed by an orange:

Vegan Day 3 9

and leftovers…delicious leftovers:

Vegan Day 3 8

After getting my butt kicked in bowling, we came home for my first #fail meal of Vegan Week. The flavor was great, but the broccoli-millet croquettes fell apart in the pan, and the garlic yams didn’t get as crispy as I wanted.

Tasted good, though:

Vegan Day 3 21

And who knew peeling potatoes was such a dangerous job?

Vegan Day 3 22

Don’t worry — I’ve already started to self-medicate, with Dr. Lucas. It’s good to be married to a beer blogger.

Vegan Day 3 19

Vegan Day 3 20

And to fully ease the pain, here is my dessert: vegan chocolate chips in peanut butter.

Vegan Day 3 1

So, when I say I’m bowled over…I mean it. Between the responses on Angela’s guest post (y’all REALLY want those Glo bars, huh?) to the overwhelming tweets about #VeganWeek:

I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Together, we bloggers (and beloved readers) can do amazing things!

So let’s keep it up!

On Thursday, November 19, we are asking that you devote one or all of your meals to being vegan. We just kindly ask if you could link back to either my blog or Michelle’s when you make your posts about Vegan Week. We will be compiling a list of all who participate throughout the day, on our blogs under the ‘VeganWeek’ tabs. If you could make sure to either send us the link and/or leave it in the comment section of the ‘Vegan 4-A- Day’ official post on Thursday then we can give you proper accolades.

If you know of any other friends, bloggers or not, who are up for the challenge…spread it around! Everyone who takes part will have a chance at a really cool prize — details of that to come soon!

There will be chances at giveaways for those who take part. AND if you don’t have a blog — don’t worry! You can just leave us a comment telling us you went vegan for a meal or for the day.


  • Tomorrow, I’ll have an interview with vegan triathlete (and super-hottie) Brendan Brazier, who makes the Vega products we all know and love so much.
  • Use the hashtag #VeganWeek in your tweets about this adventure, or your own vegan-minded thoughts!
  • Check out my page of Vegan Week stories here and Michelle’s here.
  • The giveaway of Glo Bakery bars is open until 7pmET on Friday. ENTER HERE!

P.S. For the first time since my injury, I ran 4 miles straight. That’s a big accomplishment for a girl who has been forced to walk and ralk for so long! I missed you, running, but I’m back.

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    I want to have a date night..come to oz..they have bowling here :) I love your food..dang it..I need to get going on more creative baking..this weekend. I am happy that you're running. I have to admit that I am taking for granted that I can—and reading about your challenges makes me think that I shouldn't take it for granted.

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