Videos: Dogs in Bed and Super Cool Tofu Tool

Y’all should be in my house right now…I have temporarily taken the “healthy living” out of my blogging, and gone to the dark side. In honor of Lucas‘ blog anniversary on Thursday, I’ve made an incredible celebration feast, all centered on beer that Luke’s brewed over the last year:

I used four sticks of butter and an entire bag of sugar to make these three recipes, and yes — I feel a little ashamed. I know Lucas will be blogging about the results, and I’ll have a post in the near future detailing the steps to smorgasbord.

I’m such a good wife. Remember when I made him Bacon Maple Birthday Cake?

But today, I want to share a couple of videos with you. First, the little snapshot of my sleepytime that has gotten me into the *finals* of Sabrina’s awesome mattress contest! I have some great competition, but I think we have a good entry:

That is only partially fiction. I have found one dog or the other on my pillow when I return from midnight potty breaks.

Now to the second video…and I’m really excited, because it’s proof that some products are not too good to be true! I have a famous (because it’s been featured by Nasoya) Tofu Pressing Technique, that has always involved weights, paper towels and a pretty knarly looking process. Thankfully, I’ve gotten an upgrade, thanks to TofuXpress.

Disclaimer alert! The fine folks at TofuXpress sent me this product to try out…this is my honest review. It rocks.

We have used it multiple times for pressing and marinating tofu. We have not yet tried it for spinach, eggplant, etc., but we plan to!

Here are some pictures of the process, but honestly — Lucas did a video that does a much better job of explaining the awesomeness. So make sure you scroll down.

Tofu Press 1

Tofu Press 2

Tofu Press 3

Tofu Press 4

Tofu Press 5

(video embedded — the link is here!)

How long have you been blogging (if you blog) and what got you started? If you don’t blog — what’s your favorite site to read?

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  1. says

    I have been blogging since last spring. I started as an online journal for my friends. Then I realized I liked it and it morphed into my Healthy Living Blog. It helps me stay on track for me and give tips to others.

  2. says

    Aww, love the engagement story! Ours was in NYC too – I thought we were there to check out the diamond district, but the hubby had brought one along :)

    I started blogging this past winter during the “SNOWPOCALYPSE” in Washington DC. I had just started reading food/healthy living blogs, and I suddenly had hours of free time, cooped up in a tiny apartment. I had fun photographing and blogging my food that week, and I felt more a part of a community than a random blog stalker, haha. I haven’t been able to keep the blog regularly updated since then, but I always have ideas swirling!

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