Water, Water Everywhere

And not 80 ounces to drink.

One of the biggest changes I made when I decided that for me, healthy was about making lifestyle changes, not following fad diets, was to trade some of my favorite drinks — diet sodas, juice, copious amounts of coffee — in for water.


Ugh. I know. WATER. How boring!

But like everything else, I started slow. A glass of water with my morning coffee. A full thermos of ice cold water during the morning meeting at work. A full cup of water before lunch. Another in mid-afternoon. A gulp from the water fountain before my post-work workout. More at dinner. And a glass before bedtime.

(Yes, as my colleagues can attest…this has led to multiple trips to the bathroom. Per hour. They kind of just smile now when I get up during meetings.)

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Over time, I’ve come to crave water, and I feel dehydrated and lethargic without it. It’s kind of like developing a taste for wheat bread over white, or stevia over sugar. It takes time, but once you make the switch, you don’t miss the old choice.

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How much water do you drink every day?

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  1. says

    I’ve gotten much better…I drink a few tall glasses of iced tap water a day and often a bottle of water in the night. Still not enough, but better…baby steps…

  2. says

    I was the same way. I had to start off slowly and after awhile of drinking it, I too started to crave water. Now it is all I drink besides tea. The benefits are apparent and I love drinking water.

      • says

        Christine and Therese,

        It’s called a Camelback and I love it! You can find it online and at most sporting goods or running specialty stores. There are lots of different sizes, and I wear mine for long walks/runs and bike rides. I’ve never worn one in a race but a LOT of people do.

  3. says

    I’m a fan of regular, plain old water. I agree with baby steps though, it’s way too hard to me to just give up coffee or juice, so like you I fill up a water bottle and make sure I drink one with breakfast (and coffee) and one at night before bed. Throughout the day, I try to stick to water for every meal, snack and when I’m at the computer.

    I know I need more… but I can also attest to how drinking a lot affects your number of bathroom breaks. Oh well… that just means you’re getting plenty, right? :)

  4. Renee Widrick says

    One cup of coffee in the am. One occasional glass of wine in the pm, or at dinner if we go out for special event, and lots and lots and, did I mention -LOTS of water in between…I haven’t drank soda or juice in 2 years 😉

  5. Liz says

    Yup! water is the great medicine. I always do a water therapy to keep my self fit and healthy with a healthy food and exercise.

  6. says

    This is one area that I’ve been rocking for YEARS! Like 30+ years. I drink between 80 and 100 ounces on a normal day, sometimes more depending on other factors like heat, exercise, humidity (or lack thereof) etc.

  7. says

    Now that I’m living on the road I drink less water than I used to because…errr….too many potty breaks are a hassle when you are pulling a massive trailer. 😉 I used to drink about a gallon a day. Now I drink about the normal 8 cups plus a cup or two of water kefir and/or kombucha and/or green tea. I’m of the opinion everything counts not just water.

  8. says

    I’m constantly drinking water, I am definitely one of those “crazy” people who starts to crave it if it’s been too long without any.

  9. Ian C. says

    Couldn’t agree more. You can’t even begin to consider yourself a healthy individual until you’ve set aside sodas and juices in favor of water. I never noticed what dehydration felt like until I started properly hydrating.

  10. lariane says

    I am a water person. I always bring water in my bag. I think I can’t live with out it. For me water is the best medicine.

  11. Heidi19 says

    I drink 8 glass of water or more a day, because water has lots of health benefits. And drinking it properly will gives even more benefits.

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