What’s Your Mission Statement?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about labels. We can all say that we wish people didn’t use them, or misuse them, but the truth is that when someone asks you what you do or who you are — it’s easier to give an elevator pitch rather than a lot of details.

But that means that a lot of times, we answer with superficial and sometimes stereotypical words.

Wife. Daughter. Employee. Athlete. Vegetarian. Insert your label here.

So maybe it’s time to take those labels and put them into a mission statement — sharing not just who you are but how and why you got there. What journey you’re on and who has helped shape it. What challenges you face and how you’re overcoming them. It can be about life (as mine below is), or a specific part of your persona — your career, your family, your blogging motivation, etc.

So here’s mine:

I am a wife, a daughter, an employee, an athlete and a vegetarian. I have a big heart that I try and use for good — I believe in giving back, in kindness and in trying to see the positives in everybody.

I make mistakes every day, big and small, and sometimes I am harder on myself than I deserve.

I’m curious, love to learn and am constantly trying to become better educated about the world around me. That also means that sometimes I’m quick to jump on a trend or follow what others are doing.

I don’t like being wrong, but when I am, I admit it — and I try and learn from the experience. I love to cook, eat and experiment with healthy foods.

I have big slobbery dogs, a family that means everything to me and a job that excites and fulfills me.

I struggle with body image and want to conquer it before I have kids and pass it on. I have a quick temper and sometimes gossip more than I should.

I sing in the shower (and the car, and during workouts) and clean when I’m stressed.

And when I put my energy behind a project, I make sure it gets done, and done well.

I’m me. And I’m awesome.

Now it’s your turn — who are you? What are your labels? What’s your mission statement? What should I know about you?

There’s a gift for you if you want it — I will make you an animated .gif like the one above, for you to put into a post or a blog widget. If you’re interested, just email me (kwidrick@gmail.com) with five words that describe you. I’ll send you the file and you’ll be good to go!

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  1. says

    first of all, YEA! you’re a vegetarian too!! {*insert happy dance*}


    Here goes…
    I’m a wife, sister, daughter, vegetarian, list-maker, fitness lover, Green Tea drinker{no matter what my dentist says!}, and a runner.

    I see the glass half-full, I’m an encourager because I believe in people.

    I’m determined and dedicated, I know when there’s a will there’s a way and I refuse to give up on whatever life goal I’ve created.

    I tend to judge a book by its cover, but then become humbled when I realize I was wrong.

    I have the cutest little yorkshire terrier and she steals my heart daily. I wanted her so bad and am so thankful we rescued her from a shelter.

    I have a big family, lots of siblings, nieces and nephews, and its always loud and crazy when we’re together, and I LOVE IT!

    I get angry at: injustice, cockiness, bad drivers, liars, rude people and clothes on the floor instead of the hamper. {sigh.}

    I love big and laugh often. Humor is great, and I love when it happens daily.

    This is who I am and I’m happy to be me.

  2. says

    I am woman of faith. Faith in my God and faith in myself. Because of this faith I am powerful, capable and valuable. I am a wife and a mother and a daughter. I fall far short of perfect in all these categories, but I endeavor to do my best. I strive to be a role model to other women, moms, wives and daughters to not quit, to not give up, to not let ourselves get in our own way.

    Some call me rebellious. I call me sincerely independent.

    I am an original and I want every other woman to know she is distinctly original in a way that no other woman can ever be and to be proud of every part of her, because it all matters. It’s all important. It’s all for a reason.

    You are important. You ARE for a reason.
    I am important. I AM for a reason.

  3. Tricia says

    I am stubborn, goofy, passionate, musical, geeky, and proud to be different and be myself! I don’t care what everyone else thinks of me . I am loyal to those who are true friends.
    I am committed to my health and fitness, but I don’t try to force my beliefs on others.
    I do tend to be pessimistic, but am trying to change that!
    I love to move around from place to place, meet new people and learn new things!
    I do not feel my age – or act it either! I have a strong fear of water, but still can be found in a boat, a wetsuit or just splashing in the ocean with my husband!
    I love to sing and dance and study the stars – sometimes all at the same time!
    Basically, I love an active, changing environment!

    I am who I am and make no excuses!

    • says

      GO TRICIA!

      Good for you for overcoming your fears…I’m sure you have made a huge difference to people who watch the way you live your life, so keep on keepin’ on!

  4. says

    I am a Bombshell with an old fashioned attitude. My mission statement from many years ago is that I encourage and inspire others to live up to their full potential through my own experiences and examples.

    My labels: I am a wife to be, daughter, Mom, JUJUBee, creative, writer, artist, life changing, devoted, loyal, BIG HEARTED, generous, girl next door, survivor, and learning to LIVE my life as I approach the young age of 50

    • says

      I can’t help but smile when I see your blog name — every time, it makes me want to stand a little taller and shout, “let’s hear it for the (big) girls!”

      Thank you for your comment and THANK YOU for being such an inspiration.

  5. says

    I am labeled wife, daughter, sister, runner, vegetarian, student and librarian.

    My mission in life is to help make the world a healthier place one person at a time once I complete a MPH in nutrition.

    Race training keeps me happy by giving me new goals to work towards and a huge respect for my body which tends to lapse in the off season.

    I hate living amongst mess, being wrong, and feeling as though I’ve failed at something. But I’m learning not to procrastinate and being rewarded by much less stress. If I just keep up with homework and make sure to clean once a week and straighten up before bed I’m a much happier lady.

    I love the challenge of juggling 40 hours of work, 8 hours of class credit, and 15-20 miles a week on the road. I think I thrive on organization.

    I can also come across as sullen when I’m tired or stressed because I run out of things to say.

    I have two dogs who I adore and a family that, while only 60 miles away, I don’t see nearly enough but who I love with all my heart, and I think they know it.

    • says

      Ha — we’re so similar! I recently started straightening up before bed and it’s totally taken the stress away…I never feel overwhelmed at the thought of someone dropping in anymore!

      Thanks so much for sharing :)

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