Winter Park Road Race (Distance Dare)


Can you say Dom-Dom-Dom-Dom…DOMS?

Yes, I have serious Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after a blisteringly fast (for me) double distance race on Saturday (followed by 90 minutes of Dance Trance). And I couldn’t be happier.

(Bad iPhone photo)

I signed up for this race:

because it offered a distance dare challenge — the option to sign up for both the 2-mile run and the 10K immediately following. I had a 9.5-mile run on the half marathon training plan anyway, and figured this came pretty close!

As I got closer to the weekend, I definitely started to feel butterflies. While I have been on track for my training, I’ve really been embracing the intervals, and had not done more than 5 without a brief walking break in a while.

I thought I’d try and stick with running at a 9:15-ish pace for as long as I could, while allowing myself the chance to take a break if I needed it. Instead, I blew my expectations away with a fast 2-mile run (thought it was going to be an easy warmup!) followed by a very fast 10K (including a PR for the 5K distance).

My splits:

And the total time for the 2-mile plus 10K:

I’m thrilled!

(My amazing friend Jackie did her first 10K and ran the whole thing! PR and PDR, baby!)

A few thoughts:

  • It’s always fun to run on a loop rather than an out-and-back — and this one took us through beautiful Winter Park, including lakes, cobblestone roads and residential neighborhoods.
  • Sneaky hills SUCK. I live in Florida. We don’t have hills. Except, apparently, on this course, where I encountered two pretty brutal climbs.
  • When I started the 2-mile course, I lined up in the middle of the crowd, and found myself really fighting for space when I started out. I think I could have had a sub-16:25 time had I been able to start out faster. I learned my lesson with the 10K and lined up with the 7:30 pacers, which let me go out quickly (as you can see from the split) and settle in around 8:15 for the rest of the race.
  • Volunteers are amazing. People that are willing to get up early and give up a big chunk of their weekend to hand out water, set up signs and more amaze me.
  • I cried at both starting lines and finish lines. I don’t feel bad. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the feeling of making a goal and reaching it. And pushing your body to its limits is pretty cool, too.
  • Eating toppings-laden frozen yogurt after 8 miles of running and 90 minutes of dancing is a must. New race rule.

Next up? The Iron Girl 1/2 Marathon in Clearwater AND some not-yet-scheduled triathlons…so excited it’s tri season!

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  1. says

    i can’t imagine chasing a run with dance trance. that’s incredibly bad ass of you.

    sneaky hills do suck. i did the national half this weekend and dc is a really flat city, yet somehow they managed to make the course a total roller.

    congrats on an awesome race!

  2. says

    Great job, Katy. I love the challenge of irregular race distances or doubling-up on races. I almost did back-to-back 10Ks in the same day last year but was worried I might hurt something.

    Outstanding splits, too! I hope I get my speed back soon.

  3. says

    Awesome job exceeding your expectations and going for it!! Sometimes we set the bar too low for ourselves, and it’s great to be able to recognize that and run faster if we feel good. That froyo looks like a delicious post-race treat! I wish more places in Boston let you put on your own toppings :)

  4. says

    I’m a crier at races too. It is usually just a tear or two, but there’s something about finally making it to the start AND finish line that gets to me :)

  5. says

    Great job! I almost signed up for it, but my boss would have killed me if I asked for another Saurday off! LOL I am however running the Irongril in Clearwater!

  6. says

    I just randomly followed you over from Twitter — and then saw we both ran the same race this weekend (I also did the Distance Dare) — and then realized that you finished the 2-mile a few seconds after me! Of course, you kicked my ass in the 10k (I came in about 3 minutes later). Congrats on a great race! I thought it was SUCH a pretty course. Those hills were sneaky!

      • says

        I’m actually running the Irongirl 1/2 in Clearwater on the 10th! It’s my last race until September because of the heat. I’ll be on the lookout for you — sounds like we are around the same pace (although, you are definitely a little speedier!).

  7. Stephanie says

    So I’ve been a lurker for a while but I feel like I need to comment. I ran the distance dare this weekend too and actually saw you during the 10k (LOVED the pink shirt and glitter letters!) but was too chicken to say anything (and out of breath).

    Awesome job though! You were killing it :)

    • says


      You never need to be afraid to say hi…certainly not to me, anyway. And I’m so glad the shirt caught your eye!

      If you’re doing any other events soon, let me know! :)

  8. says

    Awesome! Do you live in Winter Park? I went to UCF and now live in Viera, which is by Melbourne. I’ve spent the past 3 hours glued to your blog! I loveit!

    • says

      Olive —

      HOW SWEET ARE YOU??? :)

      I am in Winter Park, not all that far from UCF. I’m so glad you found me!

      I know you’re in Brevard County now but if you ever come back toward Orlando, let me know. We have a LadyBloggers group that gets together every month or so and we’d love to have you.

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