You Have to Want it More

On Sunday, it was 86 degrees outside and I was tired from a busy morning. I wanted to sit, watch football, maybe drink a beer and enjoy the last few minutes of the weekend.

But I wanted to be healthy more. So I put on my shoes and went for a run.

On Monday, when I opened my lunch and saw the healthy food I’d packed, I wanted to chuck it all and go grab some pizza.

But I wanted to be healthy more. So I ate what I’d packed.

On Tuesday, when my alarm went off at 5:30, I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep.

But I wanted to be healthy more. So I went downstairs and worked out.

I’ve been marinating a lot on a quote from Dolvett, one of the trainers on my not-so-secret-passion, “The Biggest Loser.” Last week, he told one of his contestants:

“You have to want it more than I want it for you.”

That so rang true for me, because unless I choose health and fitness over everything else, and unless I want it more than anything else, it won’t happen. Nobody can make the choice for me. - If you spent as much time at the gym as you do on photoshop, you'd actually look that good.

I have always been inspired by my friend Heather’s mantra to “make one decision. now make another.” It’s not easy — and don’t let anyone make you think that it is. It’s hard, soul-testing work, and the busier we are, the harder it can be. Don’t let that be your excuse.

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    thanks for the shout out, dear! I love the “wanting healthy more” mindset and may have just added a post-it not to the ever growing collection on my wall of reminders. :) Great reminder post, my friend!!

  2. says

    I’m sitting here in bed with tears rolling down my face. I just admitted to my bootcamp group that I have completely fallen down on Week 2, doing nothing other than a long walk. My mind wants to do it…I think about it all day long and worry in the night. But, I guess I don’t want it more than you do in whatever part of my brain that gets me up and doing. I’m going to cry my disappointment out and start all over again. Thank you for posting this today. I love you.

    • says

      Oh, mama…you are getting a long email, but to sum it up:

      “Failure is not falling down, it’s not getting back up.”

      And if what you’re doing isn’t working, let it go. If now is not the right time? Wait until it is. The note I should have included in this post is that while you have to want it more, it’s OK to not want it more right now.

      So get back up and whether not you get back up on the program, put your past in the past and be OK with where you are today.

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        That’s the funny part…I want to do it…I find it interesting and challenging. I just don’t do it. However, that is behind me for the moment. I am back up…just finished long, fast walk and am looking forward to some hand weight and stability ball action this afternoon. Thank you for helping me turn the page…

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    Hey, I was already kind of fired up and you just kicked me up into another gear. I’m worried that I may be TOO FIRED UP now. Well, I guess that’s a chance we’re gonna have to take, but if me exercising too much and eating too right backfires, IT’S ON YOU!

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    Love this!! And it’s really true. Nobody is going to want it more than you. Sometimes your choices feel wrong when you are making them – but then there’s not regret and that feels 100 times better!


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