You Oughta Know: Free Kindle Books at the Library!

For the longest time, I had an $.80 fine on my library account that really put a crimp in my borrowing style. Sadly, it needed to be paid in person, rather than online or over the phone (I tried!) and I just never remembered to go after work or on the weekends. Until paid, I couldn’t do much.

So I looked longingly at all of the free Kindle books that were available through my local library’s website, building a queue and dreaming of the day that my account would be unfettered again.

Hallelujah! A few weeks ago, I left Daddy in charge of baby and then I headed to my local branch with a single dollar in hand. I paid my fine and since then, I have been an online borrowing fool.

My branch allows me to take out three titles at a time, for between one and two weeks, and it’s ALL FREE. Take that, $12.99 Amazon listings!

New information? No, but I really had not realized how extensive my library’s collection is until I took a few minutes to browse. So for those who have brand new devices (Kindles, nooks, etc.), borrow on!:

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    Thanks so much for mentioning this! I got a Kindle in April after Hunter was born. I have been buying cheap or free books from Amazon but it’s nice to know I have more options at the Library!


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