Hello! I'm Katy Widrick.

👑 Fractional CMO and CRO Services for 7-Figure CEOs
🏆 EMMY-Nominated Executive Producer
💻 Digital Marketing Consultant for Business Disruptors
🧠 Processor, Enneagram 1
💕 Mom

Make Media Over

I'm passionate about helping growth-focused founders scale to 7 figures (and well beyond), using marketing, sales and OK...a bit of woo, mindset and magic...to set and surpass their most audacious and impactful business goals.If you're the founder of a high-growth company or brand, ready to significantly accelerate marketing and revenue expansion and dramatically increase your profits, with the most intelligent, effective, results-driven approach -- all while allowing you to stay where you belong: right in your visionary zone of genius -- let's chat.

Rising Tide Talents

Rising Tide Talents empowers content creators and business disruptors through education, support and amplification.

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