EP18: Fueling Your Vision Through Passion with Chelsea Wallace

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In today’s episode, join me in a captivating conversation with Chelsea Wallace, a seasoned Launch Strategist and Copywriter whose expertise has fueled over $4,000,000 in revenue for online brands. As The Launch Copy Coach, Chelsea empowers 6 and 7-figure coaches and course creators to orchestrate high-dollar re-launches while prioritizing self-care and community connection.

Discover Chelsea's entrepreneurial insights on how to prioritize team strength, combat self-doubt, and nurture genuine communication in partnerships. You will also learn more as Chelsea reflects on her upbringing's influence on her entrepreneurial mindset and the transformative power of aligning career choices with personal interests.

You’re going to explore the intersection of passion, purpose, and profitability in today’s episode — along with Chelsea's vision for her nonprofit initiative supporting teenage single mothers in Jamaica. Tune in!


- How does Chelsea describe herself in an elevator pitch

- The importance of a strong team in achieving success

- On dealing with self-doubt and identity crisis in entrepreneurship

- Difference between owning a proposal and owning its implementation

- On having trust, communication, and co-creation in business partnerships

- How Chelsea’s upbringing influenced her entrepreneurial mindset

- The pivotal role of a career that aligns with interests

- What’s next for Chelsea?


"I want to fund my nonprofit that supports teenage single moms in Jamaica. Give them resources to really kind of step out of cycles of poverty, and of kids that are not taken care of, [and] not supported to grow up as kind of healthy functioning people in society. I want my nonprofit to be that space and that place for them." — Chelsea Wallace 

"I am magnetically attracted to people who have a mission or a passion that's bigger than them and bigger than their business. And I love that healthy approach that you have, which is like, 'I love what I do and the people I serve and the impact I have. '" — Katy Widrick


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